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Sagitec Blog

From Feedback to Features: How User Input Shapes Our Software Development

A critical aspect of software development is paying close attention to user input. At Sagitec, we make a concerted effort to capture user feedback at all stages, from development to implementation. We aim to create software tailored to clients’ needs and solve their needs today and tomorrow.


How Low-Code/No-Code Platforms Can Eliminate Paper-Based Processes for Non-Profits

Non-profits are often inundated with paper-based and manual processes that are not only antiquated but are time-consuming, prone to errors, and frustrating. It hurts their abilities to improve donor management, raise more in fundraising, and streamline operations for their internal staff.


Medicaid Changes in 2023: How to Keep and Engage Your Members

  • Ravisankar CJ
  • Tue, Apr 11, 2023

Medicaid faces significant changes in 2023 that could significantly impact Medicaid Members and Managed Care Organizations (MCOs). The expiration of the Public Health Emergency occurring later in 2023 sets up changes to Medicaid enrollment, impacting and changing the coverage of millions of Americans.


Is Your Non-Profit Lacking Technology Expertise? Low Code Can Solve Your Problems

Non-profits are crucial in addressing social, economic, and environmental issues. But, despite their critical role, many non-profit organizations struggle to effectively manage their operations due to a lack of technical and technological expertise. Software development and management can be a significant hurdle for those organizations without access to a dedicated IT staff.


Cloud Native or Cloud Agnostic? What Your Organization Needs to Know

One debate ends, but a second begins.

The first question focused on whether an organization should be on the cloud.


Three Trends to Watch in the Unemployment Insurance Industry in 2023

Unemployment insurance (UI) is an integral part of the Labor and Employment industry, and it's been a challenging few years for state workforce agencies in the U.S.


The One Most Forgotten Factor When Choosing a Software Partner

Picture this: you’re on your organization's review and selection committee. You’ve been charged with reviewing the available software vendors and choosing the best one for your organization. You know you have significant needs and require a platform that can scale to meet your increasing workloads over time. Plus, you’re on a budget.


Non-Profit Success through Process Automation: Achieving More with Less

  • Sameer Pise
  • Thu, Feb 23, 2023

Non-profits face limited resources when it comes to process automation, but the good news is that automation can be a game-changer. It saves time and helps overcome budget, personnel, and technology challenges. Check out these stats:


Four Essential Tips for a Successful Pension Administration System Implementation

Pension agencies have faced historically challenging times. Many public funds are still looking for the right solution to meet the needs of their members. The right software system can help public pension agencies meet their goals, but only if the solution implementation succeeds. 


Monoliths vs. Microservices: Which Software Architecture is Right for Your Organization

Speed versus scale. Cloud versus on-prem. Monolith or microservice.

There are many factors to weigh when determining the right architecture service for your organization. The right setup for your organization should be one that most aligns with its objectives. Understanding the two most common software structures can help you identify how best to proceed.