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Sagitec Blog

How Pension Agencies Can Prepare for the New Tax Changes in 2022

Significant tax changes are coming for pension agencies – is your organization prepared?


Sagitec Matches Employees' Donations to Eastern Kentucky Flood Relief Fund

At the end of July, the eastern part of the state of Kentucky, located in the United States, was hit by a devastating, historic storm that caused hundreds of residents to be displaced across multiple counties.


New Medicaid Members? Here are Communication Strategies for Boosting their Engagement

Health plans have always had trouble engaging their members – particularly when it comes time for members to renew their eligibility. Traditional outreach methods that prompt this engagement are often time-consuming and expensive. Plus, their lackluster results leave many plans wanting more from their efforts.


Five Best Approaches to New Product Orientation that help your Users Transform

Caterpillars undergo complete metamorphosis to become butterflies. As caterpillars, they are slow and can't go too far. But as butterflies, they are agile, can cover tremendous distances, and are free.


How Sagitec's People, Processes, and Platform Scale to Meet Clients' Needs

Public organizations are expected to do more with less. Sagitec's unique efficiencies in staffing and software make it easier for these organizations to achieve their goals.


Why Health Plans Should Use Nutrition Programs to Engage Members

Health plans are always looking for new ways to engage with their members. Whether it’s to get members to complete Health Risk Assessments (HRAs) or to promote long-term healthy behaviors, finding effective outreach methods is critical. But, as most Managed Care Organizations (MCOs) know, this is easier said than done.


Sagitec Partners with Aid India to Rebuild Family Homes

Sagitec has partnered with Aid India to construct houses for families in need in rural India for the past three years.


Retaining New Medicaid Members as States Resume Normal Eligibility and Operations

Medicaid MCOs benefited from the freeze on redeterminations during the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result of the freeze, Medicaid MCOs have experienced significant member growth.


Is a National Unemployment Insurance System Feasible?

With surging inflation and COVID-19 (and its continued effect on the global supply chain), it hasn't been the easiest few years for the labor and unemployment industry (UI). Time and again, agencies were put into complex and challenging positions where they needed to meet the needs of claimants today while keeping an eye on planning for tomorrow. Legacy unemployment insurance systems have been tested and stressed to the breaking point, and a debate over a national unemployment insurance system has been renewed.

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