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Post-PRISM 2024: Building Community and Features for the Future

Attending the PRISM (Public Retirement Information Systems Management) conference was a fantastic opportunity to network with our peers and better understand the evolving needs of our customers. At Sagitec, we thrive on building connections and supporting our clients, and this event allowed us to do just that. Engaging with industry leaders, sharing insights, and discussing the latest trends is invaluable as we continue to enhance our offerings and deliver exceptional service.


Four Essential Tips for a Successful Pension Administration System Implementation

Pension agencies have faced historically challenging times. Many public funds are still looking for the right solution to meet the needs of their members. The right software system can help public pension agencies meet their goals, but only if the solution implementation succeeds. 


How Pension Agencies Can Prepare for the New Tax Changes in 2022

Significant tax changes are coming for pension agencies – is your organization prepared?


The Rise of Remote Workers: What You Can Do for a Seamless Remote Environment As a Pension Plan Administrator

This article was first published in the Association of Canadian Pension Management 2021 Issue 1 Newsletter.

2020 is being called the 'remote work year’ due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But recent surveys from PwC and Gartner show that many companies across multiple industries will move more of their employees to a remote environment over time.


Demand Increases For Pension And Benefits System Modernization

This article was first published in the April release of Benefits and Pension Monitor.

Over the past few years, there has been a significant and noticeable shift in the pension and benefits industry when it comes to systems administering their plans. The demands of organizations have moved from looking for an administration system, or administrator, to a modernization approach. Not only has the shift moved in terms of terminology, but there has been a significant increase in demands to modernize. We, at Sagitec alone, have received more than double the demand for modernization projects in 2020 versus the same period in 2019. What has prompted this shift in wording, increase in demand, and what are the benefits of modernization?


Choose a Platform Committed to Continuous Change

“Change is the only constant in life, and if we’ve learned anything from 2020, it’s that you best be prepared.”


How to Protect Data During a Pension Software Implementation

Your organization’s data is critically important – and quite vulnerable – during a new solution implementation. Consequently, your vendor should offer advanced security options to protect your data during your project implementation. Further, they should also provide you detailed security protocols and plans for converting your data accurately and efficiently. In your analysis of determining which pension administration software is best for your organization, be sure to keep maintaining data integrity at the top of your list.


Overcoming Pension Software Implementation Challenges

After understanding what to look for in a Pension Administration Software – and how to evaluate whether or not it will meet your organizational goals – it’s time to focus on another obstacle entirely: implementation. Depending on the size of the organization, transitioning to a new solution could take weeks, months – even years. Plus, new regulations and innovations can sometimes cause further delays and overhaul hindrances. In truth, this project is no small feat.


Pension Software: Three Key Features Every System Needs

What should you look for in a pension administration software (PAS)? While different organizations have different needs, there are a few key features that a potential solution should have. If you caught our previous blog, we walked through the key questions helpful for analyzing the best solution for your organization. Here, we’ll show you the key features a potential solution should provide. Remember, in an industry inundated by continually changing policies, PAS vendors should meet your needs for both the long and short-term.


How to Choose the Best Pension Software Solution for your Organization

Choosing a pension administration software (PAS) is a monumental task. Your decision could affect your organization for years or (most likely) decades to come. Dealing with fragmented and outdated technology that can't evolve poses a significant business challenge. Due to limited staff and budget constraints, coupled with the continually changing nature of the industry, choosing the right solution is critical.