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Pension Modernization and Administration

Get a lifetime partner for better pension modernization, administration, scalability, and expertise.


Many pension agencies are plagued by antiquated or inadequate technology in the face of waning budgets, skilled staff retirements, growing demand for services, and unforeseen events like the COVID-19 pandemic.

For 20 years, we have supported pension agencies across the world to modernize their pension system with our flexible, fully integrated software solution Neospin™. Neospin is built atop our low-code/no-code platform Xelence.


Why is Sagitec the best pension software-solution provider?

Sagitec’s track record is second to none in the pension industry for completing projects on time and within budget. It’s how we’ve cultivated lasting relationships with our clients and earned our reputation as a trustworthy and dedicated partner. Our clients’ success drives our success – we ensure each client has a solution that withstands shifts in the underlying technology, thereby eliminating the risk of technical obsolescence. Our philosophy and upgrade path makes us uniquely different and best positioned to bring your organization into the world of cutting-edge pension software solutions.


We serve a wide variety of clients, representing some of the nation’s largest and most sophisticated pension systems. We are proud and humbled to have been chosen by 30 different pension agencies as the top choice to deliver their new, world-class pension administration system.


You get the best team.

We know pension. Our core philosophy of continuous improvement across our platform, processes, and people help us provide you:


  • A proven and evolutionary solution, that agencies can affordably and seamlessly upgrade and maintain
  • Tested delivery methods that you need for a successful pension modernization project
  • Experienced and knowledgeable professionals


The pension practice at Sagitec is our largest, with teams compiled of leaders in the industry and supported by a leadership group who have spent their careers in the benefits and pension administration software business.


Sometimes working with outside vendors presents challenges, but we understand the importance of having a third-party support team that is responsive, proactive, and cooperative—one that becomes truly an integral part of your team. Our strong national network of professionals across the United States and partnerships solidify Sagitec’s ability to deliver on any pension agency’s goals and objectives.


Learn More

Neospin™ Pension Administration System

A comprehensive solution configured to your organization’s technical and functional requirements.


How to Get the Right Partnerships and Upgrades

With technology changing rapidly, make sure you have the right systems and partners in place for your organization.


Pension Software Buyers Guide

These guides are for decision-makers considering a new pension administration software (PAS) or an improvement to their existing solution.


Client Testimonials

“Sagitec has demonstrated that it is embracing Microsoft’s cloud-first mindset to provide public sector agencies the tools they need to create and deliver transformational solutions.”

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Michael Donlin
VP, Microsoft

"As shocking as it may sound, North Dakota has one of the most complex retirement systems in the entire country. The business relationship we have with Sagitec allows us the flexibility to quickly adapt to our ever changing environment. We have made significant strides in upgrading our system over the last few years, giving our members, employers, and internal staff a mobile friendly and efficient product. We are extremely pleased with the services we’ve received from Sagitec over the last decade."

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Derrick Hohbein
Chief Operating/Financial Officer, NDPERS

"During the course of our work with Sagitec, we've learned how important it is to have proactive communication and a sense of a shared purpose. We've been very fortunate that this is a value we share with Sagitec – excellent communication, a team atmosphere, and an over-arching desire on both sides to develop and excellent product. This has allowed us to overcome challenges and leverage them as opportunities."


Kris Humbert
Division Operations Manager, Alaska DRB