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Comprehensive Disability Insurance Tax/Contribution and Benefits System, Tailored to Suit Your Distinct Needs and Vision


Sagitec’s Neosurance™ solution is a fully integrated, browser-based application providing comprehensive functionality for Disability Insurance administration. Neosurance™ meets the majority of your requirements out of the box and is designed to be easily tailored to meet each state’s unique laws, regulations, and policies without complex software programming. In addition to being easily tailored to meet your unique needs, Neosurance™ is designed to easily adapt to new law or policy changes.


Benefits & Tax Management


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Performance & Reporting


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Service Capabilities


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Adapt to Change


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Insightful Decisions


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Effective Benefits & Tax Management


    Neosurance™ determines eligibility of a disability claim and can be configured according to the eligibility rules of each state. Neosurance™ checks if the claimant or employer has been paying into the program, the claimant meets the minimum gross contribution requirements, and the claimant is disabled by contacting the medical provider to confirm medical condition. The medical provider can respond to inquiries via the online portal and that information is used in the eligibility determination process.


    Neosurance™ calculates weekly benefit amount, maximum benefit amount, effective dates, and claim balance. Neosurance™ also manages eligibility issues through efficient workflow management and pre-established application wizard processes that effectively lead staff through eligibility and claim determinations.


    Neosurance™ gathers eligibility and employment information from claimants throughout the payment certification process and processes payment requests based on claimant answers. Staff can enter certifications on behalf of claimants and manually make past weeks open to certify.


    Neosurance™ issues payments to eligible claimants via debit cards, direct deposit or paper checks.


    Neosurance™ provides efficient and highly intuitive workflow technology that pushes the most critical adjudication/appeal cases, in terms of timeliness and agency priority, to the appropriate adjudicator or judge. Application wizards guide staff through a series of steps to accurately make a decision and pre-populates determination letters/appeal decisions based on the specific decision rational selected by the adjudicator/judge.


    Using individual wage records from employers or third-party administrators (TPAs), Neosurance™ validates employer tax or claimant contribution and automatically calculates the amount due based on the state’s legislation, regulations and policies. This reduces the agency, employer, and TPA’s workload by eliminating the need to reconcile summary and detail wage information resulting in improved data quality.


    Neosurance™ provides offline audit functionality that integrates with tax elements of the Neosurance solution, all while maintaining a high level of security. This functionality allows states to meet state auditing requirements and includes features to select random and targeted audits. Field audit updates and synchronizes an employer’s business information with the information stored in Neosurance™. Field audit staff are able to interface with a central repository of data, providing much needed data integrity and consistency.


Performance & Reporting


    Sophisticated dashboards monitor agency performance and reengineered business processes improve performance outcomes including payment, adjudication and appeals timeliness and quality. These performance metrics are displayed in charts and graphs and drilled down capability into the underlying claims and processes is integrated with reports and dashboards.


    A browser-based data analytics and predictive modeling tool that dramatically improves fraud prevention and detection resulting in increased tax collections and reduced overpayments. Using Neural Network Machine Learning, Neofraud™ identifies fraud trends and data anomalies for current and future fraud schemes. Learn more about NeofraudTM.

Enhance Service Capabilities


    Offer your claimants a modern and free way to access their accounts via a downloadable application. With MOBIAS™, claimants can access their account information, claims information, view their payment history, and more! Learn more about this convenient and easy to use app.


    The Neosurance™ software interface was designed in compliance with the accessibility standards established by the Americans with Disabilities Act. Neosurance™ also provides multi-lingual support: screens, buttons, commands, and more can be translated into multiple languages to support both internal and external users.


    Our integrated contact management module consolidates information from multiple sources (e.g., document imaging, phone system, Neosurance™, etc.) into a 360-degree view of the respective contact. This provides staff with a solid foundation of knowledge and understanding that greatly improves customer service and reduces processing errors. Neosurance™ also automates service requests by routing customer information requests to appropriate workflow queues for staff attention.


    Sagitec’s preeminent self-service portals allow employers and TPAs to manage their accounts based on user-level and role-based security. Employers can submit wages and payments, view their account balance, and designate multiple users and/or TPAs. TPAs can submit wages and payments (individual or bulk) and can manage multiple employer clients with a single sign-on.


    Neosurance™ helps reduce call center volumes and improve customer service by enabling claimants to access their information through a secure self-service portal. Claimants are able to update their personal data, view account information, view payment history, review claim information, respond to agency requests based on their specific cases, and if necessary, sign and upload supporting documentation.

  • Medical Provider Self-Service Portal

    Neosurance™ allows medical providers to register for an account and add authorized representatives. Medical providers can view their patient claims, submit DI claim certifications, supplementary certification for medical extension, upload additional requested information, respond to inquiries, and view claim certification history through their online portal.


Adapt to Change

  • A Framework for Building Agile and Long-Lasting Solutions

    The Sagitec Framework™ provides the foundation upon which Sagitec’s Neosurance™ solutions are built to serve multiple Labor and Employment programs. The power of the framework is evident in its ability to continuously evolve and adapt to new technology while simultaneously incorporating new business requirements. This means that Neosurance™ will never become technically obsolete and your Disability Insurance solution will always be able to accommodate new policy or rule changes quickly and efficiently.

    Sagitec’s software solutions are housed inside an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) called Sagitec Software Studio (S3) – this studio delivers a configurable, easy to manage, rules-driven solution to manage changes to statute, policy and business rules. Sagitec provides a user-friendly graphical interface-based rules engine that enables client staff to easily add and modify business policies through configurable rules, without the need for expensive and time-consuming technical and programming support. Learn more about our framework and S3.

  • Make Your Line-of-Business Solution Work for You

    Sagitec makes it incredibly easy to maintain Neosurance™ when policies change or when a software enhancement is desired. With Sagitec Software Studio™, your staff can design and maintain running business processes and web applications – without coding. You can also add custom data validation rules, design tailored correspondence templates and reports, and streamline inbound and outbound interface files. Continuously streamline your business processes with Business Process Management (BPM). Use run-time BPM orchestration and watch your workflow processes execute in real-time.

  • Operate at the Speed of Policy Change

    Business rules are always in flux, placing strains on your systems, processes and employees. Sagitec purposely designed Sagitec Software Studio™ to address the policy complexities associated with Disability Insurance systems. This comprehensive business rules engine lets you automate and manage complex business policies, like changes to MBA or WBA, without programming. You can quickly model policies followed by comprehensive tests to ensure accurate business rule execution. When you are satisfied with your model, simply bind your rule parameters to your object model or web service and deploy your rules into Neosurance™. It’s that easy!

  • Regression Testing, Simplified

    Evolving disability insurance laws, regulations and policies require updating and retesting test scripts, which can be a time-consuming process. Our flexible regression testing tool – Sagitec Test Studio™ – simplifies testing efforts by eliminating user interface dependencies. Sagitec Test Studio™ is specifically designed to test Neosurance™ solutions resulting in reduced coding errors and testing time, while avoiding technology obsolescence.

Make Insightful Decisions

  • Dashboards

    Provides a holistic, 360-degree view of claimants, employers, and agents on a single screen in both the Neosurance™ solution and employer/claimant web portals. Dashboards link summary information, display personalized screens based on user preferences, and enables users to navigate to multiple areas of the system with a single click.

  • Ad-Hoc Reports

    Place the power of data analysis at users’ fingertips with ad hoc reporting capabilities. Retrieve custom data sets, using a simple GUI interface, and export them instantly to Microsoft Excel from any ‘lookup’ screen in the system.

  • Enterprise Knowledge Solution

    Our KNOWTION™ Enterprise Knowledge Solution allows staff to quickly archive, search, and retrieve organization documents (e.g., policies, procedures, meeting minutes) directly from the Neosurance™ application. KNOWTION™ is a powerful tool that effectively and efficiently bridges the knowledge gap that exists in organizations today.

  • Improve Fact Finding

    Collect fact finding from both the employer and claimant during the initial and continued claims process. The solution includes an intelligent questionnaire framework that can be easily customized to collect the necessary information to make eligibility decisions. This feature significantly reduces issue backlog by providing real-time information for decision making.



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Client Testimonials

“Sagitec has demonstrated that it is embracing Microsoft’s cloud-first mindset to provide public sector agencies the tools they need to create and deliver transformational solutions.”

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Michael Donlin
VP, Microsoft

Through the Sagitec engagement, D.C. was able to leverage this vendor’s depth of UI knowledge and avoid pulling mission critical SMEs from production in order to guide implementation. I am extremely satisfied with the way they conduct their business and would expect that all of their clients have a similar experience.” 


Thomas Luparello
Executive Project Sponsor, DOES

“We are excited about the new tax system and the early results we are seeing. This system gives employers more access to their accounts and is easy to navigate. It was a pleasure partnering with Sagitec in the implementation of this system that gives South Carolina businesses a state-of-the-art self-service portal in which to file their wage reports and contributions. The system will ensure South Carolina and its businesses stay in compliance with federal regulations.” 


Jamie Suber
Executive Project Sponsor, SCDEW

“The level of commitment and collaboration Sagitec demonstrated with ADP surpassed expectations…Sagitec’s willingness to partner with ADP and our industry has demonstrated itself with system design elements that we have requested in the past but have been unable to obtain from other system design implementations.” 


Wendy Seyfert
Vice President, ADP

"In preparation for our UI modernization efforts, we reached out to several different vendors and are extremely happy to have chosen Sagitec as our vendor. Sagitec’s project team has proven to be talented, seasoned and professional, and we have been very fortunate to have the Sagitec team on site here in South Carolina.” 


Jamie Suber
Executive Project Sponsor, SCDEW

"Sagitec continues to support DOES by enhancing the portal based on suggestions from DOES’ staff and employers and agents. The enhancements are a great service offering. The enhancements are working out very well for both internal and external stakeholders because they continually improve our processes and make them run even more efficiently. All of the information that is captured through the ESSP is transferred to our legacy systems, which has greatly improved the health of our agency’s data."


Ryan Moore Lee
UI Tax Director, DOES

Sagitec Neosurance™ – To learn more about this solution please contact us for a free demo.


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