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Accelerate Excellence with Sagitec’s Low-Code/No-Code Platform

We Put Speed, Simplicity, and Evolution at Your Fingertips

• Simplify and accelerate enterprise application development.

• Scale enterprise applications as needed.

• Future proof and evolve your enterprise applications.

Xelence  is Sagitec's low-code/no-code Platform. It is a visual software development environment that allows citizen developers and IT professionals to quickly design, test, and deploy powerful software applications. Drag and drop visual components, create dynamic user experiences, build end-to-end process flows, and formulate complex business rules with simplicity. Xelence helps large enterprises build complex custom software faster, with higher quality, and lower costs than traditional approaches, with significantly reduced lines of code.


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What Sets Us Apart


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Efficient Development


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Lightning Speed


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Built to Scale


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This Isn’t Our First Rodeo: What Sets Us Apart

  • Existing Foundation

    What would you rather build on, bedrock or sand? You can’t create lasting value unless you have a solid foundation. Since 2004, Xelence, known as Sagitec's Platform until now, has been rigorously innovated to develop complex, enterprise-wide software across multiple industries.

    The enterprise software (e.g., line-of-business) solutions support the front office, middle-office, and back-office operations. Solutions include customer-facing web and mobile apps, internal user apps, and B2B partner apps, featuring extensive integration with other systems.

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  • Proven Track Record

    Because we hone our software to solve real-world problems for large enterprises, Xelence stands above others. More than 30 customer-built, complex mission-critical software applications run 24x7x365 with demonstrated ability to evolve and scale to incredibly high demands.

    Using Xelence, we rapidly developed and deployed pandemic benefits systems for multiple states with about a 3-week development cycle.

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  • Low-Code/No-Code Development

    Gartner predicts, “By 2024, low-code application development will be responsible for more than 65% of application development activity.”

    Xelence helps you build simple consumer to complex enterprise applications without traditional programming. It is a visual environment, offering drag and drop features, and incorporates in-built enterprise architecture. It can help subject matter experts build apps without having advanced programming skills.

  • Full-Stack Development

    The assembly-line approach to software development never worked well - and is nearing an end. Today, software developers can be equally effective in tackling project activities involving prototypes, databases, complex business rules, intelligent workflows, intuitive web app, mobile user experiences, communication, and comprehensive regressing testing.

    Xelence helps you build scalable business software designed for use by an unrestricted number of channels, without extensive channel customization. Execute and deploy your software as part of a web app, mobile app, batch service, or WebAPI. And what about new channels? We purposefully layered Xelence for adaptive evolution. New channels, like new architectures, are accommodated without forcing painful disruption to customer-built software solutions.


Efficient Development: Turn Complexity into Simplicity

At the core of Xelence are tools and infrastructure that help you build full-stack enterprise-grade applications easily.

  • User Experience Made Easy

    With a few clicks, you can drag and drop visual components to your workspace, bind them to a design element, then add field-level validations to complete your configuration. Xelence follows a convention over configuration design approach that attempts to decrease the number of decisions that any developer has to make while designing screens. Collaboration becomes simple, too. Send an email, portal alerts and notices, text messages, or letters (digital or traditional) as part of your business process.

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  • Rules Made Easy

    Xelence provides extensive features for authoring, testing, reusing, and deploying business rules. Business users, developers, and designers can add, modify, effective date, or remove rules easily to build simple and complex logic. Each rule can be bound to an unlimited number of test cases to bake quality into the process.

    Optimized for declarative rules, Xelence helps you create rules that make declarations based on facts rather than coding. Design rules in simple visual flow chart or decision tables like models without programming.

    Do you need to know how a new rule or policy might affect some aspect of your business? No problem. Once designed, you can run a new rule against the old rule for the same modeled population. We put rule and policy analysis at your fingertips.

    Once deployed, you can store rule execution paths (decision tables and logical rules) with all evaluated variables for complete transparency and audibility. To learn more about our rules engine, click below.

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  • Seamless Process Management

    Visually design, deploy, and execute BPMN 2.0-compliant business processes with a few simple steps. Connect web or mobile forms, business rules, web services, and communication templates to your business process model. Then, deploy, monitor, and fine-tune your runtime processes. Once deployed, you can store process execution flows for complete transparency and audibility.

Lightning Speed: Develop and Deploy Faster

Need for speed? We developed and deployed pandemic benefits systems for multiple states around a 3-week development cycle.

  • Easy Testing for Deployment

    Xelence has an efficient and comprehensive test automation tool for functional and regression analysis. Developers get a real-time visual highlight of errors as they develop components and debug complex logical rules. Xelence allows testers to create test automation scripts to validate User Interfaces, Web Services Interfaces, and Business Rules.

  • Continuous Deployment

    Xelence supports continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD). It provides tools to build a delivery pipeline using products like Azure Dev Ops, Visual Studio Team Services coupled with container technologies like Kubernetes and Docker and quality assurance products like Sagitec Test Studio (STS).

    The CI/CD facilitates the rapid development and deployment of applications, enabling organizations to ship multiple code revisions through one or more test environments and into production environments daily (if required). This reduces risk and cost through automation and standardization, and it enables DevOps.

  • Advanced Security

    When you develop applications on Xelence, you get inbuilt security features within the engines themselves. Xelence strictly uses security assessment tools as part of the quality assurance process. We have deployed market-leading static code analysis tools to identify code vulnerability scans during regression testing. With every upgrade, customer applications automatically incorporate new security fixes.

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Built to Scale: Continuously Improve

Continuous improvement is at the heart of Sagitec. We have worked for over a decade to provide you the best in class solutions.

  • Exploit Computing Power

    Will your software solution need to scale from a proof-of-concept to thousands, or potentially millions, of users? Xelence takes full advantage of both horizontal and vertical scaling to allow you to harness as much horsepower as required. Add more servers to your on-premise farm or your cloud infrastructure and quickly deploy distributed services and apps with a few clicks. Or harness more cores on-demand.

  • Application Performance Monitoring (APM)

    Is something not working as you expected? Look no further than Xelence’s APM service. APM monitors your deployed software application in real-time, 24x7, and captures granular performance details so you can pinpoint what process, rule, server, code-snippet, or database call is causing your bottleneck.

    APM provides a continuous real-time improvement, application optimization, and an opportunity for continual cost efficiencies. Identify potential performance issues before they impact users or customers. Access a real-time view across front-end web, application, and database servers, and gain more profound insight into trends that help you plan for future capacity. To learn more about our APM capabilities, click below.

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Digital Modernization with Xelence

Are you a government agency on the digital modernization path? Low-code/no-code platforms can help you. Learn how in this white paper.


Recruitment Portal on Low-Code Platform

The K K Eye Institute learned that investing in a digital solution could improve the efficiency and accuracy of their HR recruitment process.

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Sagitec's Low-Code/No-Code Platform

With an easy-to-use drag and drop feature and a rich user experience, creating simple or complex applications with Xelence is easy. Accelerate excellence with Xelence now.


Client Testimonials

“Sagitec has demonstrated that it is embracing Microsoft’s cloud-first mindset to provide public sector agencies the tools they need to create and deliver transformational solutions.”

microsoft logo round

Michael Donlin
VP, Microsoft

"A major deciding factor in selecting Sagitec was their flexible and innovative approach. They are unique among the IT solution providers. They are implementing the system the way that we feel is right for us, rather than forcing us into something that just doesn't quite fit.” 

KPERS logo round-1

John Oliver

"As shocking as it may sound, North Dakota has one of the most complex retirement systems in the entire country. The business relationship we have with Sagitec allows us the flexibility to quickly adapt to our ever changing environment. We have made significant strides in upgrading our system over the last few years, giving our members, employers, and internal staff a mobile friendly and efficient product. We are extremely pleased with the services we’ve received from Sagitec over the last decade."

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Derrick Hohbein
Chief Operating/Financial Officer, NDPERS