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Be a Medicaid Member Champion

Empower your members to engage in their health.


How can Medicaid organizations communicate with their members when there is uncertainty around eligibility, co-pay, testing, and treatment coverage?

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Are your members completing their health risk screening?

Members are annoyed with calls, especially those that take more than 30 minutes to complete a screening. Drop off rates are high and follow-up calls are not answered. Dismal completion rates lead to compliance issues.

Sagitec HealConnect uses digital channels like SMS and microsites to get members to complete their health risk screening. Typically, it takes less than 50% of the time and members complete it at their own convenience.


Are your members renewing their eligibility in time?

Invalid addresses on file results in members not getting renewal reminders and notifications. Member procrastination and the cognitive burden of assembling documents lead to members not completing the application in time. The non-renewal of eligibility results in lost premium revenues.

HealConnect uses a digital lockbox to store documents and SMS reminders to guide members in their renewal process. Directing members to community partners and other resources helps them resolve challenges and move forward when stuck.


Are your HEDIS measures impacted by members not completing health activities?

Providers are expected to contact members for scheduling visits and medication refills. Transportation challenges, access to pharmacies, and other social factors prevent activity completion. Low HEDIS scores result in capitation withholds or bonus not being paid.

HealConnect integrates with Uber Health and Lyft for scheduling rides for members. With the ability to verify visits and deliver rewards immediately, we can impact member behavior.


When members receive their rewards 6-8 weeks after completing a wellness visit, they do not remember the reason for the reward. In many instances, members are not aware of the activities that are eligible for rewards. As a result, there is minimal change in health behaviors.

HealConnect informs members of rewards they are eligible for, tracks the activity, verifies completion, and delivers rewards immediately. By separating activity tracking from reward fulfillment, health plans can experiment with reward types that change behavior.


Informing members of rewards or re-certification is a Membership activity, quality measure or health risk screening is a Care Management activity, and reward fulfillment is an Administrative activity. These siloed organizational systems for member engagement result in poor performance and high administrative burden.

HealConnect allows health plans to consolidate their member engagement activities. Multiple channels like two-way messaging, email, phone call, and mobile app are supported.

HealConnect is Built for the Enterprise

  • Premium Support

For onboarding and continued success.

  • Secure & Private

HITRUST certified Microsoft Azure, adherence to NIST 800-53.

  • Leverage Existing Systems

Send data to your systems of record.

  • Multi

Support multiple languages.

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Member Engagement Strategies and Insights


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MCOs Proactive Outreach

Reduce administrative burden and improve health compliance.



Community Health Centers

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) was signed into law on March 23, 2010, by President Obama.



Health Apps and Patient Health

Digital Health has been a hot market space in recent times with investors.



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Sagitec is a certified Azure Government Managed Services Provider (MSP) and Microsoft Gold Partner.



Communication Shifts

Communication between care providers and member/patients have changed in this digital era.

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