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Comprehensive Pension Administration Functionality, Tailored to Suit Your Distinct Needs and Vision

Neospin™ Introduction

Sagitec’s Neospin™ pension administration software is a fully integrated, browser-based software system with comprehensive functionality for administering pension benefits. Since 2004, our Neospin™ pension administration software has helped public and private pension funds enhance service capabilities, lower operating costs, stave off technical obsolescence, and respond to complex, frequently changing business requirements. Supported by our underlying .NET software framework, Neospin™ is a dynamic IT solution with unmatched flexibility to grow, adapt, and evolve.


Improve Productivity


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Insightful Decisions


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Enhance Capabilities


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Reduce Total Costs


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Flexible & Scalable


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Improve Productivity

  • Integrated Training & Help Support

    Call up training materials, videos, and online help documentation from most screens in the system. The system will generate material related only to the specific functions users need assistance with.

  • Automated Workflow Processes

    Remove unwanted manual processes, improve operational efficiency, and improve the ability to track and monitor key performance indicators and critical success factors.

  • Advanced Search Capabilities

    Put enormous power and flexibility in users’ hands with advanced search capabilities. Save elements on a search screen with configurable parameters so users can return repeatedly to personalized searches.

  • Smart Navigation

    Never lose track of where you are or where you’ve been in the Neospin™ system. Automatically generate a history of screen clicks during each user session and navigate back in a single click.

  • Integrate with a Document Imaging Solution

    Obtain paperless business processes and electronic document storage by integrating Neospin™ with any document management solution on the market. For more information on Sagitec’s ECM expertise, click here.

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Make Insightful Decisions

  • Dashboards

    Provide holistic, 360-degree views of members, employers, and organizations on a single screen in both the Neospin™ solution and employer/member web portals. Display linked summary information, personalize screens and navigate to multiple areas of the system with a single click.

  • Ad-Hoc Reports

    Place the power of data analysis at users’ fingertips with ad hoc reporting capabilities. Retrieve custom data sets and export them instantly to Microsoft Excel from any ‘lookup’ screen in the system.

  • Enterprise Knowledge Solution

    Our KNOWTION Enterprise Knowledge Solution allows staff to quickly archive, search and retrieve organization documents (e.g., policies, procedures, meeting minutes) directly from the Neospin™ application. KNOWTION is a powerful tool that effectively and efficiently bridges the knowledge gap that exists in organizations today. To learn more, click here.

  • General Reports

    Generate more than 45 different reports to obtain a holistic perspective on the overall management of the agency and the pension fund in general. From security metrics, to seminar enrollment numbers, to employer contribution data, your agency will benefit from the diverse set of reports that Neospin™ compiles.

Enhance Service Capabilities

  • Contact Management

    Our integrated contact management module consolidates information from multiple sources (e.g., document imaging, phone system, Neospin™, etc.) into a 360 degree view of the respective contact. This provides staff with a solid foundation of knowledge and understanding that greatly improves customer service and reduces processing errors.

  • Self-Service Portals

    Provide standard and wizard-based portals for customers and partners to quickly and accurately initiate and maintain self-service transactions and communication; use a common look and feel through any preeminent web browser.

  • Multi-Lingual Support and ADA Complaint

    The Neospin™ software interface was designed in compliance with the accessibility standards established by the Americans with Disabilities Act. Neospin™ also provides multi-lingual support: screens, buttons, commands and more can be translated into multiple languages to support both internal and external users.

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Reduce Total Cost of Ownership

  • Microsoft .NET Technology

    Sagitec is able to build Neospin™ solutions faster and with less expensive resources by applying common skills across a variety of devices, application types, and programming tasks and by integrating with other tools and technologies.

  • Robust .NET Development Platform and Software Development Tools

    Sagitec’s software development tools improve your bottom line by simplifying development and maintenance. To learn more, click here.

  • Endless Integration Possibilities

    Provide seamless application integration with nearly any commercial or legacy software or software components via web services; leverage existing investments in software packages such as accounting, customer relationship management, enterprise content management, telephony, business intelligence, legacy and partner solutions.

  • N-Tier, Component-based Architecture

    Separate data from business logic and business logic from the user interface (MVVM) to lower the total cost of ownership by simplifying testing, maintenance, and scalability. Reduce development and maintenance costs by exploiting the features of all preeminent web browsers, mobile platforms or web services using MVVM without having to rewrite business logic.

  • Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA)

    Facilitate SOA by exposing discrete pieces of software functionality to other applications, independent of vendor, product or technology; reduces development and maintenance costs by making services reusable for external software applications and allowing data exchanges between different programs or different vendors without additional programming.

  • Single Code Base for Long-Term Maintenance

    Simplify development and maintenance and reduce costs by using a single, common code base and rules engine for the line-of-business solution, unattended jobs (batches), web services, and various self-service portals.

  • Integrated Database and Data Structure

    Remove redundant and out-of-sync data across your organization – without being forced into a specific database product. Change underlying database products as often as necessary to improve your bottom line or to exploit new advances in products.

Flexible and Scalable Integration

  • Functional Core

    Underpinning all of our Neospin™ solutions, the functional core serves as base business functionality. This core pension administration functionality maps to your pension administration requirements out of the box, reducing configuration, customization and speeding up initial development time. Sagitec partners with individual customers to co-create precise solutions that best suit unique needs. Neospin™ Enterprise Edition is ideal for larger, complex organizations that require significant integration, phased implementation, or substantial involvement in the solution development life-cycle.

  • Neospin Cloud

    Sagitec delivers standardized solutions with configurable rules, communication, reports and interface files. It is a multi-tenant, hosted only offering. The Cloud Edition is ideal for customers who favor standard out-of-the-box capabilities in exchange for subscription-based pricing and very short implementation cycles.

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Client Testimonials

“Sagitec has demonstrated that it is embracing Microsoft’s cloud-first mindset to provide public sector agencies the tools they need to create and deliver transformational solutions.”

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Michael Donlin
VP, Microsoft

"As shocking as it may sound, North Dakota has one of the most complex retirement systems in the entire country. The business relationship we have with Sagitec allows us the flexibility to quickly adapt to our ever changing environment. We have made significant strides in upgrading our system over the last few years, giving our members, employers, and internal staff a mobile friendly and efficient product. We are extremely pleased with the services we’ve received from Sagitec over the last decade."

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Derrick Hohbein
Chief Operating/Financial Officer, NDPERS

"During the course of our work with Sagitec, we've learned how important it is to have proactive communication and a sense of a shared purpose. We've been very fortunate that this is a value we share with Sagitec – excellent communication, a team atmosphere, and an over-arching desire on both sides to develop and excellent product. This has allowed us to overcome challenges and leverage them as opportunities."


Kris Humbert
Division Operations Manager, Alaska DRB

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