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Making Application Development Simple with an Entity-Based Approach

Application development today has become much easier than a few decades back. You don’t need a working prototype or even a pre-existing database to design the workflow and behavior of your application. All you need is an entity-based approach.


The 5W's of MVVM

  1. What is MVVM?

MVVM – short for Model-View-ViewModel – is an architecture pattern that takes advantage of user device capabilities and browser memory to improve application performance.


Get rid of complex programming with graphical rules

Any organization today is a complex set of departments and communication is crucial between them. For example, the IT department knows how to build a computer system and the business teams have knowledge of how the system should behave. How can the IT and business teams communicate effectively? How do they manage business rules that are always in flux, especially in the benefits administration area that is frequently subjected to policy changes?            


A to Z of Pension Terminology

Are you well versed with pension/retirement terminology? If not, take a go at our pension alphabet.


Mobile health apps improve patient health. Hype or reality?

Digital Health has been a hot market space in recent times with investors collectively pouring $26 billion since 2010 and over $7.2 billion just last year.  Mobile health or mHealth apps were seen as a crucial element in managing chronic conditions like diabetes and asthma, by helping patients take care of their lifestyle and medications.  In fact, mHealth Apps were the largest funded category in digital health, with over 325,000 apps available by end of 2017.   


Application Performance Monitoring and Tracing – Critical Success Factors in the Current Computing World

Application performance management, including monitoring and logging, are critical success factors for almost any IT shop. The problem is that many of the tools available on the market to provide you with insights into the root cause of an issue are expensive and need a good data feed from the native application to work well.


10 Things Pension Funds IT Staff Care About

Lessons Learned from the 2018 PRISM Conference


Want to get ahead in the digital race? Start adopting cloud.

Cloud addresses all the needs of an organization, changing how we work, where we work, and the ways we do business. Here are some key benefits that an organization derives if the cloud is implemented correctly.


4 ways to better engage your patients

Imagine a patient just diagnosed with a life-changing chronic illness such as diabetes, arthritis, asthma or a combination of these illnesses. A patient’s knowledge might range from complete unfamiliarity on these conditions or just a basic understanding from episodic visits to the clinic. And in most cases, patients have lots of questions that go unanswered like how it will change their daily routine? What therapies are best for them? Are there any clinical programs they can be part of?