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Empowering Women at Sagitec through our Women in Tech Program

In today's rapidly evolving tech industry, fostering diversity and inclusivity isn't just a trend; it's necessary to drive innovation and create a vibrant workplace culture. Recognizing this imperative, Sagitec has initiated its Women in Tech program, aimed at celebrating gender diversity and supporting the professional growth of women in the tech sector.

What is “Women in Tech”?

The Women in Tech program at Sagitec serves as a platform for Sagitecians to connect, network, and delve into women's unique experiences and perspectives in the tech industry. Through monthly workshops, participants engage in discussions centered around various themes, ranging from addressing unconscious bias to exploring strategies for achieving work-life balance.

What Attendees Can Expect to Gain

Attendees of the Women in Tech meetings can anticipate gaining valuable insights, forging meaningful connections, and acquiring practical strategies for navigating the challenges and opportunities within the tech landscape. Past workshops have covered topics such as the neuroscience of gender inequality, dealing with unconscious bias, perfectionism, networking, and work-life balance.

Getting Involved

All Sagitec employees are encouraged to participate in the Women in Tech program. Whether through attending workshops, contributing ideas, or engaging in discussions, every individual can play a role in fostering a more inclusive workplace environment.

While the program is centered around women in tech, it's important to note that inclusivity lies at its core. Men are welcome and encouraged to join, recognizing that diversity of perspectives enriches the dialogue and drives positive organizational change.

Words from Participants

Sukanya Samy, a Women in Tech program participant, said, “People should join the Women in Tech program because it would help bring awareness about biases and advantages of having gender equity in the workplace. Diversity will bring forward ideas from various individuals, which can be used to help Sagitec grow as a company. Plus, it's a great program for having meaningful conversations that can spring up action plans.”

Another participant, Rama Shadija, echoed Sukanya’s thoughts: "Tech's future isn't just code; it's diverse voices shaping innovation. Join us by connecting with like-minded people, share knowledge, and learn from each other’s experiences to empower women in tech and drive positive change by adding your voice/ ideas to the conversation.”

Looking Ahead

The Women in Tech program at Sagitec is gearing up for an exciting lineup of workshops in 2024. Participants can expect to delve into topics aimed at developing leadership skills for women. From making assertiveness work for you to exploring transformational leadership, each workshop offers valuable insights and strategies for professional growth and advancement.

As Sagitec continues to champion diversity and inclusion within the tech industry, the Women in Tech program is a testament to its commitment to empowering individuals and driving positive change. Through collaboration, dialogue, and collective action, participants are poised to shape a more inclusive and innovative future for tech.

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