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Overcoming Pension Software Implementation Challenges

After understanding what to look for in a Pension Administration Software – and how to evaluate whether or not it will meet your organizational goals – it’s time to focus on another obstacle entirely: implementation. Depending on the size of the organization, transitioning to a new solution could take weeks, months – even years. Plus, new regulations and innovations can sometimes cause further delays and overhaul hindrances. In truth, this project is no small feat.


Don’t Try to Change Your Medicaid Members Behavior

As a health plan, getting members to act on compliance requirements is a costly and time-consuming affair. It’s a key focus for Medicaid plans because non-compliance results in revenue loss and corrective action. Since member participation is voluntary, many Medicaid plans have tried different approaches to meeting this requirement. Incentivizing behavior change among their members has become the most popular route that many have taken – but this is far from the best option. The secret to boosting compliance lies in changing how Medicaid plans approach this problem.


Pension Software: Three Key Features Every System Needs

What should you look for in a pension administration software (PAS)? While different organizations have different needs, there are a few key features that a potential solution should have. If you caught our previous blog, we walked through the key questions helpful for analyzing the best solution for your organization. Here, we’ll show you the key features a potential solution should provide. Remember, in an industry inundated by continually changing policies, PAS vendors should meet your needs for both the long and short-term.


4 Ways Sagitec’s Low-Code Enterprise Platform Made Pandemic Unemployment Benefits Programs Possible for States to Implement

With the unprecedented pass of the federal CARES Act to deal with the economic impacts of COVID-19, State Workforce Agencies (SWAs) across the nation scrambled to develop systems that could quickly accommodate millions of Americans suddenly eligible for unemployment benefits.


How to Choose the Best Pension Software Solution for your Organization

Choosing a pension administration software (PAS) is a monumental task. Your decision could affect your organization for years or (most likely) decades to come. Dealing with fragmented and outdated technology that can't evolve poses a significant business challenge. Due to limited staff and budget constraints, coupled with the continually changing nature of the industry, choosing the right solution is critical.


Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) at Sagitec Solutions

Interview with Dawn Miller, Risk and Compliance Manager at Sagitec

We welcome Dawn Miller to lead Sagitec’s risk and compliance charter. Dawn graduated from Temple University and has obtained numerous risk and compliance professional certifications. She has over 25 years of experience in risk management, compliance, safety, data privacy, and emergency preparedness. Her experience includes workplace safety matters, emergency preparedness, and disaster relief, including playing a role in response to the September 11th attacks. She has held leadership roles in federal and global healthcare programs as a Director of Risk Management and Compliance and Data Privacy Officer. She has been responsible for managing HIPAA, GDPR, and data privacy requirements.


The New Normal: Back to Office Safety During COVID-19

Is the end of COVID-19 in sight? Though spikes and dips cluster in different parts around the country, a growing trend of businesses have begun preparations to return employees to the office. While many don’t have a specific timeline, planning for the day that employees can return has begun. From desk arrangements to addendum policies, there’s a lot to plan and ensuring that your office is a safe environment for employees is a complicated affair. The following sections identify best practices to consider when preparing your business.  


Unemployment Fraud is on the Rise: Sagitec is Helping Customers Stop It!

Sagitec alerted the Maryland Department of Labor (MDOL) of potential fraud activity after identifying a spike in out-of-state Unemployment Insurance (UI) claims including regular and pandemic claims.


Back to Work Post COVID-19 - Testing Times Ahead?

The after-effects of national events are no stranger to the workplace. Turnstiles and X-raying briefcases became normal at many offices and buildings post 9/11 due to the perceived need for additional security. Shoe screening began after Richard Reid's unsuccessful attempt to ignite his explosives-laden sneakers aboard an American Airlines flight from Paris to Miami in December 2001. Consequently, TSA estimates that they have examined 10 billion pairs of shoes since. These are only a few of the many examples that indicate this trend.


Still Using Passwords to Let In Your Members? Try Multi-Factor Authentication.

According to LastPass's Global Password Security Report, the average individual has 85 different accounts. Remembering 85 passwords is not easy, but most people repeat their passwords, causing a password overload.

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