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How Sagitec Scales to Meet Project Demands

  • Sagitec Solutions
  • Fri, Jan 07, 2022

Sagitec partners with clients to create innovative solutions that solve unique business problems and adapt to complex, changing environments. No matter your project’s specific needs, our strategy and expertise enable us to help you provide best-in-class service to your members and customers. We take the time to establish clear communication expectations and organize experts to implement projects successfully.  

We always ensure that we have enough assets to meet every project’s needs through our proven resourcing processes. We achieve this by applying our people, platform, and processes uniquely. It’s this blend that ultimately delivers a software solution that meets your organization’s needs for today and beyond.  

Resource Planning

Sagitec champions clear communication and transparency through projects. To achieve this, we take advantage of master planning resources for planning, communication, and openness. This centralized approach to project planning streamlines our internal management into a single interface and clarifies where to assign and position assets and experts.

Sagitec can accurately estimate project hours and set a timetable for completion. We know when to loop our experts into projects at the precise time when they’re needed most. Sagitec’s business lines feature subject matter experts in their field. For example, our labor and employment practice is supported by one of the largest collections of experts in the industry, most with 8-10 years of modernization experience. This expertise is sharpened from doing the work and delivering value to our clients.

We use robust and transparent planning resources, in part, because of the feedback we received through our Annual Customer Satisfaction program. These annual surveys provide insights on what solutions our clients need the most and how we can better improve and optimize our support and technical expertise. It’s part of our commitment to improve and solve problems together.    

Solution Implementation

When you begin a project with us, Sagitec’s delivery teams are responsible for your solution implementation. These teams comprise management, functional, technical, and shared services personnel. Every delivery team, and therefore project, includes a project manager, functional architect, business analysts, technical architect, and product experts.

Product experts comprise a centralized pool of functional and technical product specialists who guide the project delivery team. This approach ensures that teams of experts are available for specialized functions, such as training, testing, infrastructure, and security. Sagitec’s senior product experts will be available throughout the identification and implementation process of the project.

Further technical support is available through Sagitec’s Communities of Xelence. Sagitec’s market-leading platform Xelence™ is a visual software development environment designed to create, test, and deploy software applications quickly. It helps organizations build custom software faster, with higher quality, and lower costs than traditional approaches.

Xelence powers our software solutions, so you can count on a system that can scale to meet your organization’s demand while also providing opportunities to configure solutions that are tailor-made for you. It features a community-powered knowledgebase put together by Xelence users and Sagitec’s product enhancement team.

Users can view new features and software patches and implement similar enhancements to their systems and processes.

Technical Knowledge Assistance

Every vendor experiences resource constraints, and Sagitec is no exception. We overcome these obstacles by maximizing our resources and allocating them to projects strategically.

We also provide your organization with the experience and training it needs to succeed. We conduct Technical Knowledge Transfer (TKT) Assessments to identify gaps that would prevent effective training on Sagitec’s development and testing tools.

Next, we deliver comprehensive, live, instructor-led training and share best system development, maintenance, and testing practices. This is in addition to the level of client support that continues beyond the implementation phase of your project; it’s provided on an ongoing basis to ensure that your organization has access to the resources it needs for future success.

Sagitec’s unique strategy enables us to quickly scale to meet any project’s needs. Through our people, platform, and processes, we provide you with dedicated support resources and the ability to configure products to meet your needs for today and tomorrow. It’s how we deliver on our projects and keep our promise to you, to drive your vision into action

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