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Top 3 Benefits of a JAD Session to a Pension System Implementation

If you’re looking ahead to a future IT project, or are undertaking one presently, chances are you’ll be involved in a Joint Application Design session (or JAD, for short). A JAD is a structured, facilitated workshop in which multiple teams of stakeholders (e.g., the IT vendor and customer) collaborate to discuss the development of the desired system, producing deliverables and tracing RFP requirements to business rules. (If you’re not too familiar with the concept, a quick internet search will net you a smorgasbord of information.)


3 Reasons Why Organizational Culture Matters in IT Implementation Projects

What is Organizational Culture anyway?

A little while back, a coworker asked if I could write up a brief description of Sagitec’s organizational culture to help some new-hires get oriented to the company. Sure, I said, I’d be glad to. Just one problem: how do we define our culture?


4 Reasons Why IT Initiatives Should Include a Change Management Plan

When it comes to major IT initiatives like pension system replacement projects, creating a comprehensive change management plan that involves non-IT executives is usually not at the top of the priorities list.  But as a recent tip from Harvard Business Review notes, the cause of failed IT initiatives more often than not exists outside of IT: