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The Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) Chooses Sagitec to Modernize their Unemployment Insurance System

St. Paul, Minnesota

TWC employees will receive a modernized system to improve service and eliminate labor-intensive processes.

The Texas Workforce Commission recently chose to acquire a modern configurable Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) solution to replace its existing Unemployment Insurance (UI) system. By choosing Sagitec’s Neosurance™ solution, TWC will lower costs, expedite workflows, improve operational efficiency, and provide better service and quality to its customers, stakeholders, and workforce.

The project has two phases, tax and benefits/appeals, with an implementation period of three years and includes five years of maintenance and operations support.

Sagitec’s Neosurance™ solution is a comprehensive unemployment insurance tax, benefits, and appeals platform tailored to suit TWC’s distinct needs and vision. It is a fully integrated, browser-based application that improves customer service and quality, increases security and privacy protocols, and eliminates manual, error-prone, and labor-intensive processes.

“The Texas Workforce Commission embraces the opportunity to improve all services offered to our unemployment customers, from employers to job seekers. We look forward to working in partnership with Sagitec to introduce technology that creates greater operational efficiency, increases security, and expands customer features” said Clay Cole, Division Director of Unemployment Insurance at the Texas Workforce Commission.

Neosurance provides TWC an opportunity to do more with less. It creates the opportunity to maximize services and technology to address operational inefficiencies. A modern UI system is vital for future success and represents a critical step in delivering services to support a modern workforce of over thirteen (13) million and get out-of-work Texans back to work.

Neosurance will also empower TWC to predict and prevent fraud before it occurs. Neosurance reduces overpayments, identifies fictitious accounts, and pinpoints fraud trends and anomalies before they occur. Combined with behavioral analytics and machine learning technology, TWC will have a best-in-class tool to detect and prevent fraud thereby ensuring the integrity of the trust fund for both claimants and employers.

“We are excited to help TWC implement Neosurance to improve their level of customer service and get Texans back to work. This past year put a strain on the entire labor and employment industry, and we will continue to innovate our technologies to help our clients succeed,” said Chris Peretto, Director of Business Development at Sagitec.

Sagitec will host the solution on Microsoft’s Azure cloud which will help them scale the solution to meet new customer demands as experienced during the pandemic. TWC will increase UI process efficiencies, program flexibility, access to historical data, generate reports, increase security, protect data privacy, integrate with other internal/external IT assets, and avoid technology obsolescence with the implementation of the Neosurance solution.

About Sagitec Solutions

Sagitec is a global software provider focused on solving complex, business-rule-driven problems with domain experts and proven technology. They serve numerous Labor and Employment agencies in the United States. The fully integrated, web-based Labor and Employment solution  NeosuranceTM is built on Sagitec’s low-code/no-code platform, XelenceTM. Neosurance for Unemployment Insurance, Paid Family Medical Leave, and Disability Insurance meets most agency requirements straight out-of-the-box, while also being extremely flexible to accommodate unique business rules and requirements. In addition to serving the Labor and Employment industry, Sagitec designs and delivers software solutions for the pension market and healthcare industries. With deep industry experience in software implementation and systems integration, project management, consulting, hosting, and software support, Sagitec is a partner clients can trust to drive their vision into action. For more information, visit: www.sagitec.com

First published on PRWeb.

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