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Sagitec Press Releases

Sagitec’s Labor and Employment Practice Strengthens with Industry Veterans Joining the Team

Shane Cox, Jill McDonald, and Michelle Blaney bring decades of experience and expertise to Sagitec’s fast-paced growth in the labor and employment industry

Shane Cox is a project manager, certified scrum master, business analyst, and subject matter professional in unemployment insurance with extensive functional experience in the public sector. He has worked in the Unemployment Insurance market for the last 25 years, including for the Kansas Department of Labor for 13 years. In Kansas, he served in numerous roles, including; chief operating officer, change management officer, assistant chief of contributions, training supervisor and state auditor II.  In addition, Shane worked on UI modernization projects in Florida, Nevada, Oklahoma, and Texas.

He brings significant experience to Sagitec with specialization in the following areas: transformation of the service and citizen delivery model, organization design, enterprise technology architecture, project management, service provider management as well as governance models for optimal decision making and policy adherence.

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Jill McDonald brings to Sagitec over 30 years of Unemployment Insurance tax, benefits and appeals experience, while working for the State of Indiana and Capgemini America.  She has worked on multiple, successful UI modernization projects for the states of Indiana, Nevada, North Carolina, and South Carolina.  In these states, Jill led teams to deliver UI tax, benefits and appeals modernization solutions.  Jill is currently assigned to the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services where she will help implement Sagitec’s Neosurance™ UI tax, benefits, and appeals solution.

Michelle Blaney worked for the state of West Virginia for 24 years, where she was with the Workforce West Virginia in the Benefit Payment Control unit. WorkForce West Virginia is a state government agency funded through the U.S. Department of Labor that oversees the state unemployment insurance program as well as a network of workforce development services designed to provide West Virginia's citizens and employers the opportunity to compete in today’s competitive global economy.

Michelle worked in three programs: NDNH (National Directory of New Hires), TOP (Treasury Offset Program) and IRORA (Interstate Reciprocal Overpayment Recovery Arrangement). She had the responsibility for Benefit Overpayment:  Bankruptcy, Criminal Prosecution, Civil Action, and Payment Plans. She also worked closely with Benefits program on all BPC (Benefit Payment Control) reports, forms, systems, programs, and automation and appeals that affected overpayments.

“We are proud to have Shane, Michelle and Jill join Sagitec”, said David Minkkinen, Sagitec’s Labor and Employment Practice Leader. “Sagitec is growing rapidly in the labor and employment industry thanks to our superior solution NeosuranceTM and our proven track record of success in the industry. We are positive that our experienced staff will continue to provide stellar service to our current clients and prospects for business transformation.”

Sagitec’s labor and employment practice has grown to be the largest Labor and Employment practice in the country and we will continue to add experienced resources to our practice to continue serving our clients.

About Sagitec

Sagitec Solutions is a global technology company serving numerous Labor and Employment agencies in the United States. Their fully integrated, web-based Labor and Employment solutions, for Unemployment Insurance, Paid Family and Medical Leave, and Disability Insurance meet the majority of agency requirements straight out-of-the-box, while also being extremely flexible to accommodate unique business rules and requirements. In addition to serving the Labor and Employment industry, Sagitec also designs and delivers software solutions for the pension market and healthcare industries. With deep industry experience in software implementation and systems integration, project management, consulting, hosting, and software support, Sagitec is a partner that clients can trust to deliver mission-critical IT projects. For more information, visit http://www.sagitec.com.




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