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Sagitec Press Releases

Sagitec Opens Offices in Sacramento, California and Salt Lake City, Utah

Sagitec continues its strategy to further strengthen its presence across key markets and across North America.

Sagitec is proud to have started two new offices in Sacramento, California and in Salt Lake City, Utah.


These are important regions for Sagitec given the availability of high-quality technology talent and an attractive market segment for Sagitec products and services. This will enable Sagitec to better serve its customers in the western region of the U.S.

“With 9 offices now in the US and 3 additional international branches, Sagitec is growing rapidly and will continue to make strategic investments in office locations across the world”, said Piyush Jain, CEO, Sagitec Solutions. “We are looking not just to expand our presence but also deepen our trusted partnerships with existing customers in these regions”.

Sagitec already has four customers in California and two in Utah.

“Our experts and our nimble technology are our greatest assets. Having a local presence in different regions will not only help us deliver superior results for our customers but also provide better work-life balance for our employees”, said Venkata (Swamy) Koppada, Director and the location head for the Sacramento office.

Sagitec Solutions provides benefits administrations solutions to clients across the world and is currently the largest provider of Microsoft Azure in the Health and Human Services industry.

About Sagitec Solutions

Sagitec Solutions, LLC, is a global software provider focused on solving the most complex, business-rule driven problems with the best experts and nimblest technology. Sagitec designs and delivers complex benefits administration software - pension, labor and employment, (unemployment insurance, paid family leave, disability insurance) and healthcare solutions to clients of all sizes. Understanding that a dynamic world requires dynamic technology, Sagitec offers solutions that are highly configurable, rule driven, and extensible by nature. With deep industry experience in software implementation and systems integration, project management, knowledge management, predictive analytics, chatbots, cloud services, consulting, hosting and software support, Sagitec is a partner clients can trust to drive their vision into action . For more information, visit: www.sagitec.com


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