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Sagitec Press Releases

Sagitec launches new release of Knowtion™, its enterprise Knowledge and Learning solution

Knowtion™ provides internal and external stakeholders a platform to effectively manage their knowledge and learning requirements.

Keeping in mind the rapidly changing world of knowledge and learning management, Sagitec Solutions is proud to announce a new release of Knowtion™. Knowtion™, Sagitec’s Knowledge and Learning management solution, launched last year, has now evolved to include exciting new features to help organizations build a continuous learning culture.

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According to IDC research, 36% of employees' days are spent looking for and consolidating information, and 44% of the time employees can't find the information they need to do their jobs. With the internet becoming ubiquitous and the search function the go-to place to seek clarifications, Knowtion’s™ new features provides organizations with a one-stop shop for all information seekers so that they know exactly where to go to find something new.

“We are doing something really special here with knowledge and learning management,” said Stephanie Schrankler, Sagitec’s Director of Engagement and Effectiveness. “We are pushing the envelope toward innovation that hasn’t been seen before and it’s fun to see our clients starting to use Knowtion™ in ways that we hadn’t predicted.”

Knowtion™ also doubles up as a learning management solution and one can upload existing content into Knowtion™ or actually use Knowtion’s™ content creation features to create new content. Existing content that lives within Knowtion™ can be reused to create eCourses or technology-enabled courses. Quizzes, assessments, acknowledgments and interactive learning is all possible with Knowtion™.

“Coupling knowledge management with learning management just makes good sense,” Schrankler said. “Providing someone with information for knowledge sake and teaching someone something new uses the same veins. By coupling knowledge and learning into a single product, organizations save time, energy, and money but still accomplish both goals effectively.”

Knowtion™ can plug-in to your web portals allowing your external stakeholders (e.g., members, employers, vendors, customers) to access and contribute to your knowledge base and course materials. Give your stakeholders a single place to find answers to their most pressing questions so your support staff can work on other high priority activities.

Other new features like announcements, event management, people profiles pages, a rich set of out of the box reports and security management make the new release of Knowtion™ easy for capturing, managing and referencing organization-specific knowledge and learning requirements.

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