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Sagitec Continues its Market Expansion by Making Strategic Investments in Canada

Sagitec welcomes Kevin Lynch to bolster presence in the Canadian benefits administration market (pension, labor and employment)

St. Paul, MN

Sagitec is continuing to make strategic investments in Canada as part of its global expansion program. Canada is among the top 5 largest countries in terms of pension assets and is a key focus area for Sagitec going forward. Sagitec's robust platform can administer complex benefits across industries and can evolve and scale as technology changes.

Sagitec's customers in Canada include Healthcare Employee Benefits (HEB) Manitoba and the PBAS group, one of Canada's largest independent providers of benefits administration. The system is established to ensure compliance with the intricacies of the complexity in the Canadian market. Including, but not limited to, provincial legislation, Actuarial factor compliance, Pension Adjustments, and Annual Statement processing.

"We chose Sagitec as our partner based on the strength of their technology and their track record in helping organizations like ours transform their services," said Paul Vallée, Director of Information Services, HEB Manitoba. "We're very excited about this journey and the benefits we expect to deliver to our members and stakeholders."     

Kevin Lynch has joined Sagitec to expand Sagitec's benefits administration business including Pension, Labor and Employment. Kevin is a seasoned Canadian bilingual executive with over 20 years of Benefits Administration experience in various roles in both Canada and the United States. 

"I am glad to be part of the Sagitec and I look forward to expanding in Canada," said Kevin Lynch, Account Executive, Sagitec. "We have a superior platform that can help private and public sector organizations here administer benefits easily and evolve with changing technology and business regulations."

Sagitec is uniquely positioned for success, given its team's vast experience and a technology platform that makes it possible for benefits administration organizations to grow, adapt and evolve their administration systems in response to their changing environment. Sagitec has over 15 successful years in the benefits administration business without suffering a project loss, serves over 5 million members/retirees for over 25 customers, and supports multi-employer plans across various sectors including the education, municipal, healthcare, and union sectors. To know more about Sagitec, click here.

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