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Sagitec Press Releases

Massachusetts State Board of Retirement Chooses Sagitec to Build and Host New Pension Administration System

Sagitec will replace multiple applications of MSRB’s current system with a fully hosted, integrated, browser-based solution built on a Microsoft .NET platform.

As the most vital piece of a larger strategic effort to improve their IT infrastructure, the modernization of the Massachusetts State Board of Retirement's pension LOB solution is now in the hands of Sagitec Solutions, LLC. Sagitec, a global technology services company, won the multi-year contract to replace MSRB’s existing system with a customized version of its industry-leading Neospin™ framework. The completed solution, to be hosted and managed by Sagitec at their hosting center in Denver, Colorado, will improve MSRB’s business processing speed and accuracy, enhance member services by extending self-service capabilities to members and employers, and help MSRB control costs by increasing the efficiency of its staff.

“MSRB is delighted to have partnered with Sagitec to replace our 38-year-old legacy system,” said Bob Minue, Deputy Director of MSRB and the executive sponsor of the project. “We are confident their proven track record and dedication to the Public Pension Sector will result in a successful implementation. The MSRB/Sagitec team looks forward to providing our members with a superior solution.”

Sagitec’s Neospin™ framework will replace the multiple applications of MSRB’s current system with an integrated, browser-based solution built on a Microsoft .NET platform. The solution, to be called MARIS, will be integrated with MSRB’s existing document management solution to extend the investment in that technology. Sagitec will develop the MARIS project in multiple pilot phases, with a scheduled production release in July 2012. Under a multi-year agreement, Sagitec will host the entire solution, providing disaster recovery services, operations support, and application support long after the system goes live.

“We are excited to be working with MSRB on this important project,” said Rick Deshler, Sagitec Senior Partner. “In addition to the improved operating efficiency we will deliver with our Neospin™ software, our hosting solution provides MSRB with extended IT capacity at a predicable cost over a very long period of time. This new solution will satisfy MSRB’s strategic business objectives and meet the unique needs of staff and membership for years to come.”

About MSRB 

The State Board of Retirement was established in 1911 and administers the Massachusetts State Employees’ Retirement System (MSRB) for state employees and certain other employees of public entities. It is a contributory, defined-benefit retirement system governed by Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 32. The system provides retirement, disability, survivor, and death benefits to members and their beneficiaries. The plan provides benefits totaling over $1 billion per year to over 55,000 recipients. In addition, the MSRB maintains and services accounts for over 85,000 active members and more than 15,000 inactive members.

About Sagitec 

Sagitec Solutions, LLC is headquartered in the Twin Cities (MN). They have additional domestic offices in Denver (CO) and Topeka (KS), and international offices in Pune and Chennai, India. Sagitec has been implementing IT solutions successfully across the United States since 2004, and this project extends their geographic presence into New England. Other states running Neospin™ include Kansas, Colorado, North Dakota, Virginia, and Missouri.

Further information can be found at http://www.sagitec.com or by contacting Rick Deshler at (651) 335-3406.


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