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Sagitec Press Releases

Sagitec Solutions LLC Partners with North Dakota Public Employees Retirement System (NDPERS)

Sagitec partners with NDPERS and will utilize its Neospin™ Framework to modernize the North Dakota Public Employees Retirement System.

Sagitec Solutions LLC, a global technology services company, officially announces that it was awarded a multiyear contract from the North Dakota Public Employees Retirement System (NDPERS) to implement a new benefits administration system. NDPERS serves 25,000 plan participants and 375 employers across North Dakota, and administers the State's retirement, health, life, dental, vision, deferred compensation, flex comp, retiree health insurance credit, long-term care, and employee assistance programs.


Sagitec will replace the existing mainframe system with a new, browser-based solution built on a Microsoft.NET platform. The new system will utilize Sagitec's Neospin™ framework; provide integrated workflow, document and contact management, accounting integration, and office automation; improve business processing speed and accuracy; and extend self-service capabilities to members, employers, and third-party administrators. Sagitec will implement the PERSLink project in multiple phases prior to project completion, which is scheduled in 2010.

"We selected Sagitec as a partner to help us achieve our objective of providing efficient service delivery and benefit program administration to plan members and participating employers," said Sharon Schiermeister, NDPERS Finance Manager.

"We are delighted that NDPERS selected us for this important project," said Rick Deshler, Sagitec Senior Partner. "We are committed to providing NDPERS exceptional value and helping them achieve their mission and vision through our extensive knowledge, experience, forward thinking and progressive technologies," continued Deshler.

About Sagitec 

Founded in 2004, Sagitec is a global technology solutions company that partners with public sector agencies to solve business problems created by complex and frequently changing business rules. Neospin™, Sagitec's flagship solution framework, helps state and local agencies implement business solutions that are agile, evolutionary, and interoperable.

For more information, visit http://www.sagitec.com, or by contacting Rick Deshler at (651) 335-3406.

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