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Sagitec Press Releases

Sagitec Solutions Unveils Comprehensive IT System Support Service for Clients

New system support model reduces the risk of technical obsolescence. 

St. Paul, MN - Sagitec Solutions, a leading provider of pension administration systems, announced today the addition of a comprehensive IT system support model to complement its implementation and delivery services. The company’s approach promises clients a holistic set of options for tailoring system support to meet their strategic business goals and technical competencies. Going beyond corrective maintenance, the new service embraces adaptive and perfective support aimed at avoiding technical obsolescence, ensuring long-term viability of a client’s IT system, and reducing a pension administration system’s lifetime costs.

“With these new support services, Sagitec is offering our clients the opportunity to reap the full benefits of our Neospin™ framework technology,” said Ranjith Kotcherlakota, Senior Partner at Sagitec. “We’re giving our clients an effective way to extend the life of their pension systems.”

With Sagitec’s comprehensive new model, clients have greater options for determining their own technological destiny. Clients may choose to evolve their system lock-in-step with routine upgrades of the Neospin™ framework or, alternately, hold off until business needs necessitate further development. Additionally, clients may choose to augment their line-of-business solution with valuable features not present in the original application. Neospin™ incorporates major system enhancements while preserving the integrity of the existing system. The key value proposition of this approach is that it lets clients avoid the massive cost of a total system replacement while still leveraging new technology when and where it is needed.

“Over the long term, clients will find the cost of evolving their system far less than replacing it years down the road,” continued Kotcherlakota. “We’re offering a simple, elegant way for our clients to counter the threat of technical obsolescence and control the lifetime costs of their IT investments.”

A comprehensive support model marks the latest addition to Sagitec’s line of professional IT services. The company recently announced it will offer Change Management for IT implementation projects alongside its Project Management group. Both services join Business Process Outsourcing, Business Consulting, and Application, Infrastructure, and Testing Services in Sagitec’s growing professional services portfolio.

About Sagitec

Sagitec Solutions, LLC designs and delivers custom-tailored pension administration systems. With broad experience rooted in the public pension market, Sagitec empowers retirement systems to realize their strategic service visions and drives those visions into action. Sagitec is headquartered in St. Paul, MN. They have additional domestic offices in Denver, Co and Topeka, KS, and international offices in Pune and Chennai, India. Sagitec has been implementing IT solutions successfully across the United States since 2004.

Further information can be found at http://www.sagitec.com or by contacting Rick Deshler at (651) 335-3406 or at rick.deshler@sagitec.com.

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