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Content Delivery Networks can help State Unemployment Agencies Manage High Claims Volumes

Most unemployment insurance systems are still crumbling under high claims volumes and calls.  One of the primary root causes is the legacy systems and code base that many state workforce agencies continue to use to this day. According to an ITSC study released in September 2019, only 16 states have fully modernized their tax, benefits, and appeals systems.  Additionally, regardless of modernization status, all state systems are struggling to meet the needs of their citizens.  

With the Coronavirus crisis, states are trying to solve this massive challenge by adopting quick solutions, and instead of replacing whole systems, build on top of them.

Content Delivery Network

Sagitec can provide agencies some of these quick solutions. One of them is the Azure Content Delivery Network (CDN) which takes away the bulk of the traffic with static content. Simply put, CDN off-loads traffic from websites by placing a cache system in front of them.  User requests first hit the CDN servers where policy determines whether the request gets cached content or if it is pulled from the actual website.  The overall impact is that 90% of the traffic can be taken off the overwhelmed website and served from the CDN. 

Read more about how you can solve some of the challenges your agency is facing today with some quick solutions that are easy to implement. Also check Sagitec's Neosurance solution that can help you administer UI tax and benefits easily. 

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