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Maryland Department of Labor BEACON One-Stop - UPDATED

These are unprecedented times. State Workforce Agencies currently face the highest volume of unemployment claims this nation has ever seen. Sagitec partnered with the Maryland Department of Labor to develop BEACON One-Stop. In essence, a portal for Marylanders experiencing unemployment to file claims, submit documentation and receive benefits through any device, including a mobile app.

We worked with Maryland to launch BEACON One-Stop on Friday, April 24. While we anticipated and load-tested for an extreme volume of Marylanders to file claims through the system, we have experienced unexpected performance issues. We know that this is an already extremely trying time full of confusion and worry. We apologize for the frustration that performance issues have caused Marylanders and their families.

Sagitec is committed to making BEACON One-Stop work well in Maryland. We have deployed over 100 staff resources working around the clock to fine-tune the system’s performance. While these optimizations are nearly complete, we’ve also temporarily used a solution component that enables claimants to reserve a “place in line” to help manage the load. This ensures a better user experience while allowing us to continue providing improvements rather than bringing the system up and down and adding to user frustration.

We understand that Marylanders need their benefits. Here are some statistics we can share with you about usage from the launch on Friday, April 24 until April 27, at 5:55 pm:

  • 185,530 Accounts were Activated
  • 62,624 Initial Claims were Filed
  • 148,681 Weekly Certifications were Processed
  • 23,000+ Users are Accessing the System Simultaneously
  • 630,000+ Users Have Accessed the System to Date

Updated to add statistics since the launch until April 29, noon.

  • 245,954 Accounts were Activated
  • 100,166 Initial Claims were Filed
  • 273,550 Weekly Certifications were Processed

We will continue to partner with the Maryland Department of Labor until all Marylanders that qualify for benefits are receiving them.

If you are experiencing technical issues using BEACON One-Stop, please email beacon.support@maryland.gov for assistance and include your details like name, claimant number and claim id.  

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