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Three Trends to Watch in the Unemployment Insurance Industry in 2023

Unemployment insurance (UI) is an integral part of the Labor and Employment industry, and it's been a challenging few years for state workforce agencies in the U.S.


Reconnecting with Our Industry Peers and Colleagues at NASWA 2022

After a couple of whirlwind years, meeting new faces and old contacts in the Windy City was great during the 2022 NASWA Summit. This year’s summit was the largest ever, with over 700 attendees and vendors.


Is a National Unemployment Insurance System Feasible?

With surging inflation and COVID-19 (and its continued effect on the global supply chain), it hasn't been the easiest few years for the labor and unemployment industry (UI). Time and again, agencies were put into complex and challenging positions where they needed to meet the needs of claimants today while keeping an eye on planning for tomorrow. Legacy unemployment insurance systems have been tested and stressed to the breaking point, and a debate over a national unemployment insurance system has been renewed.


Mobile & Chat Solutions for State Workforce Agencies

Since the pandemic, State Workforce Agencies (SWAs) have been moving toward online solutions and call center services. However, these approaches could not meet the demand generated by the pandemic. Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems were challenged under increased load. This led to SWA’s searching for ways to increase customer service during these unprecedented times.


4 Ways Sagitec’s Low-Code Enterprise Platform Made Pandemic Unemployment Benefits Programs Possible for States to Implement

With the unprecedented pass of the federal CARES Act to deal with the economic impacts of COVID-19, State Workforce Agencies (SWAs) across the nation scrambled to develop systems that could quickly accommodate millions of Americans suddenly eligible for unemployment benefits.


6 Key Themes that Captured the Unemployment Insurance Market Mind-Share in 2018

This year’s conference round-up for the national Unemployment Insurance and Workforce areas were great. Sagitec made it to many of the conference sessions and learned a lot. Most sessions were super-charged with current issues dealing with labor and employment, workforce development and Unemployment Insurance (UI) topics. We started with the NASWA Winter Policy Forum and ended with the NASWA Workforce Summit & UI Directors’ Conference, where Sagitec was the Diamond sponsor. Over 500 people attended this conference, which was the largest conference NASWA has ever held!


The 5W's of MVVM

  1. What is MVVM?

MVVM – short for Model-View-ViewModel – is an architecture pattern that takes advantage of user device capabilities and browser memory to improve application performance.


Detect Unemployment Insurance Fraud, Before it Happens

Unemployment Insurance (UI) benefit fraud is the inappropriate collection of benefits by using false information. According to the Washington DC Department of Employment Services, examples of UI fraud include:


Sagitec proudly sponsors 80th Annual NASWA Conference

The 80th Annual NASWA Conference is coming up, and Sagitec is getting excited to attend. This year, the conference will be held in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma at the Renaissance Convention Center Hotel from September 27th through the 29th. Sagitec proudly supports the 2016 NASWA conference as a gold sponsor.