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Sagitec Exemplifies Core Value by Giving Back to the Community

In a world that often seems rushed and self-absorbed, giving back to the community is profoundly beautiful. It's a reminder that, despite our busy lives, we can make a meaningful impact on the lives of others. Sagitec recently demonstrated its commitment to our core value of being bigger than ourselves through volunteerism. Sagitecians donated their time and effort by serving lunch at The Crossing facility, a vital part of the Denver Rescue Mission.


The top five ways modern technology can help pension agencies realize their mission-critical goals

While every public pension agency has their unique differences, a common purpose unites them: to maintain the financial security of the trust fund and provide exceptional service to external stakeholders. In terms of protecting pension funds, there are numerous investment strategies to close the funding gap: using asset monetization and dedicated revenue sources, issuing well-designed pension obligation bonds, closing tax loopholes, among other tactics. Investment strategies aren’t the only way to maintain the sustainability of the plans, however. By updating the technology that is used to administer pension benefits, pension agencies can ensure financial security while simultaneously achieving customer service excellence.


3 Ways Educators Can Guide Pension System Projects to Success

Like all stakeholders in today’s turbulent pension industry, educators are doing their best to navigate a perfect storm of challenges. With incoming waves of new retirees, sweeping legislative reforms, and large-scale IT replacement projects for a modern pension administration software solution with a web portal looming over pension funds, the need for effective education has never been greater. This is both good and bad news for the educator. On one hand, it means their skills have never been more necessary. On the other, it means the pressure to deliver is on.


Why do IT projects fail?

Last week I stumbled across an interesting article on the web that helps us answer the question as to why IT projects fail. Citing long-standing research performed by the Standish Group, the article provides a list of reasons given during a survey of some 365 different organizations. These are listed in the table below:


3 Reasons Why Organizational Culture Matters in IT Implementation Projects

What is Organizational Culture anyway?

A little while back, a coworker asked if I could write up a brief description of Sagitec’s organizational culture to help some new-hires get oriented to the company. Sure, I said, I’d be glad to. Just one problem: how do we define our culture?


4 Reasons Why IT Initiatives Should Include a Change Management Plan

When it comes to major IT initiatives like pension system replacement projects, creating a comprehensive change management plan that involves non-IT executives is usually not at the top of the priorities list.  But as a recent tip from Harvard Business Review notes, the cause of failed IT initiatives more often than not exists outside of IT: