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Sagitec Blog

Digital Transformation in Benefits Administration industry

For an enterprise to be able to deliver Azure Managed Government Services is like holding a hot ticket to digital transformation and this is precisely what Sagitec Solutions brings to the table. Since its inception, Sagitec has been catering to the public sector’s needs with solutions powered by Microsoft technology. Witnessing the escalating demand for cloud-based, cost-effective solutions that meet the stringent security and certification requirements of the public sector, Sagitec works closely with Microsoft and leverages its Azure Government Cloud solution—which boasts world-class security—to ensure compliance. The company embraces Microsoft’s cloud-first approach to offer state and local government agencies the tools they require to create transformational solutions.


Programming Wars? That’s history

The early days of computer programming were quite daunting for everyone. Different types and makes of desktops and PCs had their own unique features and architecture and computing power was expensive. This forced programmers to create specific machine instructions so that different machines could understand and interpret the code. This proved to be slow and tough for programmers. When Object Oriented Programming (OOP) languages came into existence, it helped programmers to solve many problems instead of spending time on writing machine instructions.


Get your head in the cloud for National Cyber Security Awareness Month

Having your “head in the clouds” is an idiom used to describe someone who is not paying attention or who is out of touch with the everyday world; however, with the emergence of cloud computing, this phrase has taken on new significance. Most of us our have our “heads in the cloud” on a daily basis; updating a Facebook status, uploading photos to a photo-sharing site, and checking a bank account from a mobile device all happen in the cloud. Unfortunately, the lack of awareness part remains.

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