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Sagitec Blog

Unemployment Fraud is on the Rise: Sagitec is Helping Customers Stop It!

Sagitec alerted the Maryland Department of Labor (MDOL) of potential fraud activity after identifying a spike in out-of-state Unemployment Insurance (UI) claims including regular and pandemic claims.


3 ways in Which Artificial Intelligence can help the Benefits Administration Industry

Automation with Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming common today. AI unlocks productivity gains and it makes process outcomes precise and accurate and is scalable technology. Intelligent machines are likely to open new avenues for us to explore, freeing us from mundane, routine tasks and giving us an opportunity to leverage our creativity and imagination.


Detect Unemployment Insurance Fraud, Before it Happens

Unemployment Insurance (UI) benefit fraud is the inappropriate collection of benefits by using false information. According to the Washington DC Department of Employment Services, examples of UI fraud include:

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