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It's never too late for change management

“It's a terrible thing to look over your shoulder when you are trying to lead - and find no one there" - Franklin D. Roosevelt

“Oh boy! What happened? I thought we all agreed that this new system would be a good thing? Why won’t people just trust?” Does this sound like you?


Never too early for change management

“Projects with excellent change management effectiveness were nearly six times more likely to achieve project objectives.” ~ Prosci 2015[1]

You’ve made the decision to upgrade or recreate your IT system. You’ve considered technology, parameters, oversight, vendors, money, timing, schedule and much more. But have you considered what can be your biggest asset or your most tenacious roadblock – your people?


Don't Forget Your Pants: Thoughts on Managing Change in the Face of New Technology Solutions

Managing change is a tricky thing indeed. When I consider the concept it immediately brings to mind my parents. That is to say, it makes me reflect on how my Mom manages the change and my Dad blankly stares into any conversation regarding it. When my parents went to Italy for a few weeks when I was a teenager, I distinctly remember how it all played out. My Mom was in charge of the tickets, hotels, packing, money conversion, etc. On top of which she also made sure to collect all their important paperwork and sit me and my two sisters down to discuss what to do in the event of an emergency. 


Change Management Case Study: State Retirement System Finds Success by Focusing on Employees

“The [State Retirement System’s] Senior Management team worried about the general morale in the office. Physical and budgetary constraints had forced an early decision not to increase staff for the project. The Executive Director feared he would not be able to keep up with daily operations, and a growing sense of frustration threatened the retention of capable staff members. The two programmers who had created SRS’ legacy system were only able to participate on a part-time basis. The project goal the SRS had worked so hard to achieve seemed at risk. It was clear something had to be done.” -Sagitec Case Study on Change Management in IT Projects

Trends in Pension Education and Communication

As we look toward the future, there are events and activities driving or amplifying change -- and there are reactions to those amplifiers that take the shape of emerging trends. In the video below, Sagitec's Chief Learning and Communications Officer, Stephanie Schrankler, examines 5 catalysts and 10 trends that are impacting pension educators and communicators.


3 Ways Educators Can Guide Pension System Projects to Success

Like all stakeholders in today’s turbulent pension industry, educators are doing their best to navigate a perfect storm of challenges. With incoming waves of new retirees, sweeping legislative reforms, and large-scale IT replacement projects for a modern pension administration software solution with a web portal looming over pension funds, the need for effective education has never been greater. This is both good and bad news for the educator. On one hand, it means their skills have never been more necessary. On the other, it means the pressure to deliver is on.


4 Reasons Why IT Initiatives Should Include a Change Management Plan

When it comes to major IT initiatives like pension system replacement projects, creating a comprehensive change management plan that involves non-IT executives is usually not at the top of the priorities list.  But as a recent tip from Harvard Business Review notes, the cause of failed IT initiatives more often than not exists outside of IT: