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The One Most Forgotten Factor When Choosing a Software Partner

Picture this: you’re on your organization's review and selection committee. You’ve been charged with reviewing the available software vendors and choosing the best one for your organization. You know you have significant needs and require a platform that can scale to meet your increasing workloads over time. Plus, you’re on a budget.

So, where do you begin?

Most software vendor reviews begin at the same spot: analyzing the technology features. Technical teams compare the available features with your needs. Customer personnel examines how well members and users could understand the system. Team managers evaluate the needed onboarding and training time for each option.

While comparisons and usability are important steps in the evaluation process, one of the most salient factors is often missed: the software implementation methodology. In short, how will your organization move from the closed demo today to enterprise-wide usage tomorrow?

Project implementation is one of the most critical factors when choosing a software vendor. The latest and most helpful technology does not help your organization if it’s too difficult to roll out to your teams. Plus, a stock software system will rarely meet all your needs out of the box, so some customization during the implementation process will be required. That’s why Sagitec works to develop key efficiencies in this crucial area. One of our team leads at Sagitec likes to say, “our clients come to us for our software but stay with us for our implementation methodology.”

But why is this factor so important? It’s because a strong project implementation plan will:

  • Meet all software needs
  • Minimize costs
  • Enable shorter timelines

Here’s a deeper dive into how Sagitec enables these three benefits to your organization.

Implementation Methodology Delivers on Software Needs

Every Sagitec implementation project begins with our requirement confirmation sessions. These meetings between our technical teams and our client services act as the venue for clarifying business needs, understanding the intent of the software requirements, and ensuring that a feature of the system meets each requirement in a way that all parties understand.

These sessions aim to confirm what the application needs to accomplish. These meetings will see the creation of the project scope baseline and serve as the key to designing specifications. This scope baseline, also called the Product Backlog, serves as the key input for the review and configuration of the system design specifications and helps to streamline the iterations of the product as it develops.

Implementation Methodology Minimizes Costs

Consistency in expectations, processes, and reviews is what enables cost minimalization to be possible. At Sagitec, once the project scope baseline is created, the iterations of the product can be developed. Our development teams review the Product Backlog for any requirements that are not addressed from the previous iteration or stock base code. Once identified, our teams will work on implementing the required code solution.

Sagitec notifies the client’s functional leads for review and approval when the specification updates are complete. This lead then loops in relevant and necessary review teams to add their edits to ensure that the specification addresses all relevant requirements. From this, there are two possible outcomes: the client validates that the application correctly addresses the need or identifies what still needs to be addressed and reassigns it to a future iteration.

Implementation Methodology Enables Shorter Timelines

Sagitec’s implementation methodology leads to lower costs and shorter timelines. This includes when a change request is made to the project’s schedule, scope, business and technical requirements, or design specifications. Whether the change arises from new legislative requirements or macro-environment factors, it is possible to change a project's baseline if needed. Once a change has been proposed, assessed, and approved, it will be incorporated as a new baseline and act as the review point for downstream activities. Sagitec will make every effort to execute the full change request promptly.

By engaging in this iterative process that seeks continuous feedback from clients, Sagitec ensures it uses one of the fastest and most accurate methods of implementing software that aligns with clients’ needs.

It is project implementation, more than any other factor, that can help prove the differentiator between a good software vendor and a great software vendor. Especially when implementing enterprise software systems, choosing a vendor that can scale, adapt, and grow with your changing needs is vital. Sagitec has created unique efficiencies in its project implementation methodology to deliver greater value to clients and drive their vision into action.

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