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Strategies for MCOs to Effectively Change Member Behavior

How can you get members to do what you need them to do? This is the number one challenge facing many Medicaid Health Organizations (MCOs). Member engagement is crucial for encouraging healthy activities that can improve outcomes and drive down costs for your organization. Plus, it’s the best way to make a positive impact in the lives of your members.

A higher level of engagement can spur multiple positive outcomes. MCOs and members can work together to identify and reinforce tailored plans that motivate healthy activities and reduce the risk of diseases. But what are the key factors that can assist your re-engagement plan to achieve these outcomes? The answer could lie in the combination of these three factors.

Slowly Disclose Compliance Requirements

There are several tasks members need to complete to meet compliance requirements. However, if these steps are revealed all at once, completion rates can drop off significantly. This effect is known as the Yerkes-Dodson law – the phenomenon where, if a task is perceived as requiring too much work or effort, completion rates fall. To counter this, be sure to gradually reveal your completion needs to members over time. This can help them continue with the action and guide them toward completion.

Incentivize Progress

This coincides with the need to gradually reveal your completion requirements. To improve your completion rates, be sure to reward members for the steps they already completed. Technology is a great resource to help achieve this. When members work on completing a survey, whether online or on the phone, schedule automatic messages to show them how far they’ve come or how little remains to complete the rest. The key is to provide this feedback often and in connection to the task at hand. Slowly disclosing requirements and incentivizing progress provide a powerful combination for MCOs to boost their completion rates.

Continuously Test New Methods for Engagement

As new technology develops and member preferences change over time, always be on the lookout for new member engagement methods. From online screenings to chatbot services, these services can unlock new ideas for boosting engagement rates. Sagitec helped a large Medicaid plan implement new technology changes and saw completion rates double with our HealConnect service. If you keep these tips in mind, you’ll be able to help more members, improve health, and reduce costs. To learn more about how our solution could help your organization, click on the button below.


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