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Reconnecting with Our Industry Peers and Colleagues at NASWA 2022

After a couple of whirlwind years, meeting new faces and old contacts in the Windy City was great during the 2022 NASWA Summit. This year’s summit was the largest ever, with over 700 attendees and vendors.

The conference allowed workforce agencies and vendors to come together and discuss the key trends and issues facing our industry. This year’s theme focused on reconnecting and provided a backdrop for us all to come together as a community. With so many rich discussions and insightful sessions, I wanted to share my takeaways from my time at the 2022 NASWA Summit. Thank you again to NASWA and Scott Sanders for hosting a great conference.


As I mentioned earlier, this year’s NASWA Summit was the largest ever recorded. It’s no small feat, given the challenges agencies, vendors, and our industry has faced recently.

I had great conversations with various attendees – some of whom I was reconnecting with from the vendor side now that I represent Sagitec.

I met many for the first time and learned of challenges and pain points. These discussions helped to illuminate new ways Sagitec could improve our services and forecast trends for the future.

The benefits of these sorts of interactions across the conference could be innumerable. We must foster community connections within the Labor and Employment industry as it grows in scale and scope.

Security’s Growing Focus

It’s no secret that security is a top-of-mind issue for many NASWA attendees. We have seen malicious actors devise new and innovative attacks over the past few years to hack systems and steal sensitive information. Improving security infrastructure is simply a never-ending process.

Security was a topic in many of my conversations with attendees this year. Points ranged from not only reacting to a breach when it occurs but also the importance of being able to detect quickly when your organization is the target of a malware attack. I shared with many about Sagitec’s commitment to continually updating, testing, and improving our security infrastructure. I invite you to learn more about how we continually test and update our security protocols by downloading our free white paper.

Activity for the Future

The future is bright for our industry and the projects Sagitec looks forward to undertaking. We are actively planning and preparing for upcoming industry RFPs. We look forward to engaging with agencies with proven software solutions that you can customize to fit any need. We know that together, we can implement solutions that drive your vision into action.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts on this year’s NASWA Summit. Send me your takeaways, or if you have any questions about Sagitec, by emailing me at Jamie.Suber@sagitec.com. I look forward to connecting with you.

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