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How Health Plans can Create Senior Friendly Mobile Designs

The COVID-19 pandemic has driven more businesses online than ever before. With health care plans growing their number of older members, this may not be welcome news. Even though remote mobile service is a growing industry trend, a study from the Pew Research Center found only 26% of internet users aged 65 and over were “very confident” when using smartphones. Optimizing your plan’s mobile design to accommodate their needs should be a key focus heading into 2021.


Incentivizing members to act on compliance requirements is already a costly and time-consuming affair. An effective solution for fixing this is to remove the barriers preventing your members from taking action. If you don’t work on optimizing your mobile design, your members may stop going online altogether. But you can flip this script by incorporating these following tips for a great mobile experience.


Optimize Design


Create your website with your seniors in mind. Here are a few design elements to incorporate:


  • Sans serif font
  • High contract colors (such as orange and black)
  • Banning hard annoying pop-ups
  • Large buttons rather than radio buttons
  • Section separators


These design choices help those with deteriorating vision and dexterity understand how to navigate your website and complete required assessments.  


Encourage Progress


Seniors will quickly abandon a website that is hard for them to understand. Help them to proceed by incorporating elements to spur progress. Include a progress bar in surveys, a linear design similar to that of a newspaper, and a simple website navigation with clear signposting of information. Once you have these members on your website, these elements help drive action and completion toward key objectives.


Provide Support


No matter how well your design optimizes for seniors, some will inevitably have questions. That’s why you need to also offer easy access to customer support. Whether it’s through incorporating chat-based service or displaying your support line’s phone number, make it easy for members to receive the help they need. Offering a variety of solutions is the best way to optimize your site for senior members fully.


Looking for a qualified software vendor that can help your healthcare plan reach these objectives? Then learn how Sagitec’s HealConnect solution can help. With easy implementation and low maintenance costs, learn how we can help empower your members to engage in their health by clicking the link below.


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