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From Feedback to Features: How User Input Shapes Our Software Development

A critical aspect of software development is paying close attention to user input. At Sagitec, we make a concerted effort to capture user feedback at all stages, from development to implementation. We aim to create software tailored to clients’ needs and solve their needs today and tomorrow.

Sagitec’s teams run early exposure programs with client staff members and service center employees to achieve this outcome. These sessions allow the client to see their software solutions in action while still being developed and cover topics like navigation, workflow, and design. The teams leverage information from these sessions to develop end-user training for the client and refine the system design.

Here’s a deeper dive into how this user feedback shapes our software development philosophy and process.

User-Centered Design

Sagitec’s software development philosophy is based on involving users from a very early stage. This approach emphasizes combining the business objective with the user’s voice. Doing so allows the solution to fill the need in a manner that meets users’ expectations.

We have learned that users are always more interested in getting into and using the application rather than being lectured on how the system will work one day. Therefore, Sagitec focuses on user exercises and labs and less time on lectures. This forum also allows for a greater understanding of users’ needs, preferences, and pain points.

Feedback and Design Iterations

To help gather feedback as solutions are rolled out to users and customers, Sagitec employs several methods. We believe feedback is invaluable as it helps us identify issues we can rectify in later design and development stages. We also read reviews in app stores and customer user support groups to identify potential design improvements. This process helps us to iterate and improve our software continually. Learn how user feedback guides our software development by downloading our following case study.

User Inputs in Software Development Case Study

Improved End-User Training

Our training and development team uses feedback from early exposure sessions and other feedback loops to structure software trainings. Our goal is continuous improvement in software learning outcomes and engagement for users. We use a method of “explain, demo, and practice” to help improve software learning outcomes. This approach ensures that users understand how to use the software, making their overall experience more seamless and enjoyable.


User feedback is vital in Sagitec’s software development. We continuously seek ways to improve our software by listening to users’ feedback. Our user-centered design philosophy, feedback, design iterations, and improving end-user training help us create software tailored to the end-users’ needs. Our goal is to continue to improve our software, making it more accessible, intuitive, and efficient for our users.

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