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Five Best Approaches to New Product Orientation that help your Users Transform

Caterpillars undergo complete metamorphosis to become butterflies. As caterpillars, they are slow and can't go too far. But as butterflies, they are agile, can cover tremendous distances, and are free.

Software development today can be compared to the caterpillar-butterfly analogy. A few years back, it was okay to be skilled in one specific area, but today, upskilling and being able to build software applications have become ever so important. One must be a butterfly – to do more with software. Low-code/no-code platforms can help you and your organization transform and modernize. With these platforms, your traditional developers can become low-code/no-code developers using simple building blocks to build applications.

Sagitec's Xelence platform is a low-code/no-code platform that enables you to build simple to complex applications quickly. It features drag and drop visual components, dynamic user experiences, end-to-end process flows, and making business rules addition and modification simple.


But having these resources and effectively utilizing them are two different problems. How do you ensure people and organizations will learn to use your platform to enable their metamorphosis? Successful training and support resources will put them on the path to success.


TurnKey Solutions, Sagitec's partner, is a CNMI (Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands) consulting firm specializing in customized web development/design, database development and management, search engine optimization, and data analytics utilizing the latest technology trends. Turnkey wanted to learn how to develop faster, better, and more robust applications through low-code/no-code platforms. Here are some steps Sagitec's customer success team took to ensure the Turnkey team got a holistic view of how Xelence can help them create an application for claim administration and do much more.


  • Tailored training plans: The team tailored the training plan to include lessons on implementing an FSA (Flexible Spending Account) or Flexible Benefit Plan application. Using this application, users could enroll and contribute to one or more types of FSA - Healthcare, Dependent, and Commuter plans.
  • User empowerment: Users can design various forms for enrollment and claims.
  • Editable business rules: Users can add editable business rules/logic to these plans and show errors for unmatched rules.
  • Form automation: A participant form takes personal details from the end-user, including the contribution amount in each plan. A claim form uses relevant information to process the claim. The app also introduces users to a wizard form that helps end-users enter data in logical steps like basic participant information followed by contact and address and enrollment information.
  • New features: Other features like searching for a given participant and claim, highlighting approved claims, and showcasing data in charts are all possible with this app.


These simple steps can go further and be used to create an application for any business challenge in any industry. As you can see, training on product orientation is an investment and, for many, something that requires careful and thorough planning. Here are five best practices we leveraged to successfully onboard Turney on our low-code/no-code platform, Xelence.


  1. Platform experts and skilled team - When training others on your platform or solution, have your trainers be experts in using the platform. Sagitec team’s expertise in Xelence helped them take Turnkey's objectives to build a ‘benefits claim’ application and tailor sessions to showcase all the features of Xelence.
  2. Customer success-focused – Having your customer and partner’s success in mind is of utmost importance. Sagitec's customer success team has many years of training experience and have handled queries and clarifications through various means: live training, offline answers to questions, and responses on the Xelence community. The Xelence community also hosts many peer discussions, e-learning modules, 'How-to' videos, and technical documentation that our partners and clients benefit from.
  3. Tailored approach – Tailor your approach to each customer or partner you work with. Since Turnkey's requirements were specific; our team tailored the training approach to build an app with many features useful for our partners.
  4. Thorough preparation - Thorough preparation helps partners and customers and they can reap the rewards of learning your platform easily. Our trainers, with some prior Xelence experience, built the application themselves in just a few hours, created a playbook with screenshots and steps to ensure accuracy, and designed a training plan that worked for our partners. Because of the planning, Turnkey spent only 1.5 hours a day for nine business days to complete the onboarding.
  5. Ongoing support - Our trainers are also available after the training when users explore Xelence on their own time. They answer questions that may arise or resolve error screens that occur because of missed steps.

Billy Grow, a Managing Partner at Turnkey, said, "I really enjoyed learning the Xelence platform and exploring the framework of tools to build any application. Arti is a very good trainer and definitely recommended for training Xelence courses. Well informed and fluent in the Xelence platform."


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