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Digital Transformation in Benefits Administration industry

For an enterprise to be able to deliver Azure Managed Government Services is like holding a hot ticket to digital transformation and this is precisely what Sagitec Solutions brings to the table. Since its inception, Sagitec has been catering to the public sector’s needs with solutions powered by Microsoft technology. Witnessing the escalating demand for cloud-based, cost-effective solutions that meet the stringent security and certification requirements of the public sector, Sagitec works closely with Microsoft and leverages its Azure Government Cloud solution—which boasts world-class security—to ensure compliance. The company embraces Microsoft’s cloud-first approach to offer state and local government agencies the tools they require to create transformational solutions.“By building on the Microsoft Cloud for Government platform, our clients gain a reliable, stable solution that is backed by the company’s ongoing commitment to serve the government community,” states David Minkkinen, Senior Partner, Sagitec Solutions. These cloud hosted solutions further support the changing federal, state, and local government requirements as well as the ongoing changes in business and technology trends in the public sector. As recognition of the company’s excellence in providing public sector customers with innovative and unique solutions, Sagitec was awarded the Microsoft State and Local Government Solution Partner of the Year for 2016.

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Sagitec’s NeospinTM pension administration software addresses all the processes of a public pension system, thereby improving the operational efficiency of the agency. This browser-based software system is responsible for keeping track of all transaction processing and for providing functionality to manage the pension fund, including the contributions that come in from the employer and the benefits that are calculated for each retiree.

Meanwhile, Sagitec’s unemployment insurance tax and benefit system—NeosuranceTM on the Azure Government Cloud has the scalability and agility to solve Unemployment Insurance (UI) agencies’ most pressing IT and business challenges.

For better system administration, the software consolidates information from multiple sources and meets employer’s and claimant’s unique needs by giving them a solution that is easy to use, secure, flexible, and cost-effective. Taking advantage of Azure, the NeosuranceTM cloud-based offering auto-scales up or down to accommodate wide fluctuations in workload with a 99.9 percent monthly uptime service level agreement.

Integrating seamlessly with NeosuranceTM, “We also offer a predictive analytics product—NeofraudTM,” notes Minkkinen. Sagitec’s NeofraudTM is completely designed for predictive fraud detection in unemployment insurance. “With Microsoft, we are deploying solutions in Infrastructure-as-a-Service approach,” emphasizes Ranjith Kotcherlakota, Senior Partner, Sagitec Solutions. “Microsoft offers a dependable, easy-to-use, and continuously evolving technology platform that our customers can invest in and use to grow their critical line-of-business applications.” Microsoft’s .NET technology stack underpins Sagitec’s software design and development suite that provides business and technology users with the tools they need to design and maintain their tailor-made solutions.

Sagitec helps unemployment insurance clients modernize their core applications and fully utilize the cloud to replace outdated legacy environments. Unemployment insurance agencies require infrastructure flexibility to respond to fluctuating demand for services and application flexibility to respond to federal and state law changes. The combination of NeosuranceTM and Microsoft Azure provides the necessary flexibility to serve claimants, employers, and agents and to respond to law and policy change. To this end, the Azure Government Cloud makes it easy for unemployment insurance agencies to seamlessly scale according to stakeholder demands, reducing the total cost of ownership. Sagitec is en route to growing its synergy with Microsoft to help government organizations migrate to the cloud, and better manage their cloud infrastructure.

First published in CIO Review Magazine in 2017

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