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Choose a Platform Committed to Continuous Change

  • Sagitec Solutions
  • Thu, Oct 22, 2020
  • Software

“Change is the only constant in life, and if we’ve learned anything from 2020, it’s that you best be prepared.”

How much does your organization spend to “modernize” your platform solution? If it’s like most, the answer could be in the millions of dollars. The cost alone is why choosing the right software vendor from the start is so critical for the success of your organization. But, if your solution doesn’t have continuous improvement top of mind in everything it does, your investment comes with a predetermined date of death.

How can you avoid this? By looking for the right partner. A strategic partnership that will help you identify ways to cut costs while providing better service to customers. In short, by mutually agreeing never to stop improving. Continuous improvement should encompass three core areas: Platform, Process, and People.

The bedrock of success for most organizations is the quality of their platform or system. Three essential requirements should be at the core of every system:

  • The ability to withstand continual shifts in the underlying technology
  • Solutions to eliminate the risk of technological obsolescence
  • Methods to adapt, survive, and thrive for any organizational needs

By its very nature, a platform designed to meet the above objectives is ever-changing and constantly evolving. That’s why you need to choose a platform that provides you with the resources you need today and the tools to build what you may need tomorrow.

Many companies fall into the trap of evolving their base product without committing to develop the processes needed to support their product. How software is used matters as much as the features of the software itself. Performing code audits for meeting standards and best practices, automating testing services, and reducing the time upgrade are critical for success. Plus, aiming to automate tasks wherever possible enables organizations to support additional activities, including continuous testing and capitalizing on new trends and technology.

People power organizations. A culture committed to the success of their clients helps to expand the Platform and Processes in more ways than one. Look for foundational principles that drive action and decision-making processes. The best organizations have employees that don’t need to tell you their values because they are on display every day. It is the final piece that ties together the philosophy of continuous improvement in organizations and how you can best assure you are choosing the right platform for your organization.

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Topics: Software