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A Future Model for Remote Delivery Systems

"Technology allows people to connect anytime, anywhere, to anyone from almost any device. This is dramatically changing the way we work, facilitating 24/7 collaboration with colleagues dispersed across time zones, countries, and continents." – Michael Dell

One of the most widely felt effects of the COVID-19 pandemic has been the adoption of remote work settings. According to a study from Stanford University, at one time, 42% of the total United States workforce was working remotely. This trend looks to only grow in the foreseeable future and could dramatically impact business processes.

At Sagitec, we've felt these changes as well – and worked to optimize our systems for our clients. Both internally and externally, new efficiencies enhance our services and provide more value to our clients. We believe that we've found a better way of delivering our solutions, particularly as we begin to adjust to the "new normal" of remote work.

How are we doing this? By revolutionizing our processes and creating a better model for remote system delivery. Here are a few ways we are revamping our workflows to better optimize for the future.

Automated Client Engagement Tools

Incorporate Client Processes

Our platform is designed to respond to complex, frequently changing business requirements. This means you can configure it to best suit your needs and how your organization gets work done. You can manage service and project requests in a focused and automated manner and spend more time doing what you do best; serving your customers.

Modernized and Automated Workflows

Automated workflows enhance organizational efficiencies and free up more of your staff's time. Involve business analytics in the software development process and implement complex functions in easy-to-use, graphical interfaces that don't require expert-level technical skills. In short, our platform will help your organization stave off technical obsolesce, lower your operating costs, and further enhance your service capabilities.

Cross-Functional Teamwork

Dynamic Team Organizations

We can bring the right people to every task. A benefit of remote work settings is that analysts and technical support don't have to be in the same room; this means that the necessary personnel can easily be looped into any project. From network specialists and security analysts to data experts, technical strategists, and more, the right skills for the job are always on-hand. This diverse analysis leads to better insights and improved productivity for your organization.

Remote Technology Investments

Sagitec invested in new technology to help ensure our employees' success and, by extension, our clients. A few of the changes that we implemented include the Dell© Smart Boards and Microsoft© Surface Hub 2S. These boards let teams in multiple locations work on the same project and workflows, eliminating some of the difficulties existing in remote settings. Further, to help ensure seamless service toward our clients, we have also increased our investment into Microsoft Teams. This means we have the tools to work in any manner preferred by client teams. These enable our teams to better collaborate on projects and provide more value to you and your customers.

Delivering on Improved Client Communications

Establish Clear Communication

In remote work settings, communication is vital. At Sagitec, we prioritize clear channels of communication and invest in processes and technology to sustain them. One of the first things we establish is a codified set of benchmarks and expectations. This helps both us and our clients understand the objectives and timelines we're working toward. The written reference document that we create at the beginning stages of the project usually ends up saving time downstream as it reduces the occurrences of ambiguities and preemptively solves problems.

Accommodate for Change

Planning for the long-term is always difficult, but the global pandemic has especially encumbered this process. Sagitec's answer to this problem has been to build flexible solutions that allow for changes. This has always been a guiding principle during our platform creation and remains why we design our solutions to be so configurable. In a remote delivery setting, this flexible mindset permits us to adjust to your needs quickly and efficiently.

There's a better model for remote delivery systems that incorporates all the points we mentioned above. We've ingrained the lessons we've learned from the past year into our processes and people and remain focused on delivering the most value to your organization.

Change is the only constant in life, and if we’ve learned anything from 2020, it’s that you better be prepared. At Sagitec, we have ingrained the mantra of “continuous improvement” into every part of our organization – our platform, process, and people. To learn more about our commitment to continuous change, download our whitepaper at the link below.

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