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Three Things You Should Know About MVVM and Your Neospin™ Pension Administration Solution


MVVM – short for Model-View-ViewModel – is an architecture pattern that takes advantage of its user’s device capabilities and browser memory to improve application performance. This results in a better user interface experience for the user.

An application user can be; a pension agency employee, who uses the internal line-of-business (LOB) application; a member, who uses the member portal; or an employer, who uses the employer portal. The MVVM architecture can be applied to all portals, or one or two portals of a client’s choosing.

Migrating your Neospin™ pension administration system to MVVM offers several benefits. If you’re considering implementing MVVM, here are three things you should know.

  • It provides a “separation of concerns”. Typically, the user interface and its application logic are tied to one another. This results in change-resistant, brittle code that is challenging to maintain. MVVM cleanly separates the user interface from the application logic. Divorcing one from the other makes maintaining an application easier. It also makes application evolution easier, thereby reducing the risk of technological obsolescence.
  • It eliminates the need for application redesign. User interfaces become outdated. However, upgrading a user interface often means a complete application redesign. Since MVVM separates the user interface from application logic, upgrading can be done with minimal effort. You can select a template of your choosing, and then plug it into your application.
  • It streamlines the data sending process. When you click the ‘Save’ button, an application resubmits all of the data on the screen. MVVM streamlines this process by stripping the data down. Only the necessary data (i.e. newly input data) is sent. This boosts performance because smaller amounts of data take less time to send.


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