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HealHub™ streamlines closed loop marketing

Sagitec's DataOps platform fosters real time data and collaboration, two requirements for closed loop marketing.

Pharmaceutical companies rely on closed loop marketing to drive sales, but without a DataOps platform, the real time data and collaboration that is required makes closed loop marketing nearly impossible to achieve. According to Proscape Life Sciences President and Co-Founder Derek Pollock, “Closed loop marketing (CLM) is the process by which a pharmaceutical company develops marketing strategies and deploys them through one or more channels to reach their customers (the prescribers) and gain a sound understanding of what happens in the marketplace. It’s being able to understand what’s working and what’s not working. It’s being able to understand objective data and refine the processes in a closed loop format so over time you continue to improve effectiveness both in marketing and sales.”

HealHub™ offers life sciences organizations a central repository of multiple data sources that are analyzed for downstream marketing and sales processes. By providing a continuous feedback loop of information between the data analysts and operations team, HealHub™ promotes effective and efficient closed loop marketing. To illustrate this point, consider the following hypothetical use case that outlines a marketing campaign for an anti-inflammatory drug.

The product manager for an anti-inflammatory drug would like to launch a campaign to target dermatologists with high ratings and reviews. To begin, HealHub™ compiles past interactions and contact information from the enterprise CRM database; ratings and reviews from the National Health Service; physician payments from regulatory agencies; and prescription data from third party data warehouses. HealHub™ then cleans and consolidates the data into tailored physician profiles. A shortlist of dermatologists is made using a combination of ABPI Sunshine rule data and social data, and only physicians with high ratings and reviews are targeted.

The physician profiles and corresponding drug data are then used to create specific marketing content. To increase the allure of the anti-inflammatory drug, the operations team creates personalized content that compares and contrasts existing users of a competitor drug with the drug of choice.  The sales team, with a heightened sense of knowledge and confidence, then meets with the respective dermatologists and attempts to sell the drug.  Throughout the sales and marketing process, HealHub™ captures campaign metrics such as landing page visits, in-person interaction, and email open rates. This information is fed back to the analytics team for insight and review. Based on the campaign results, the data analysts may retrieve more data and revise the dermatologist profiles for a new marketing and sales campaign.

This case study is just one example of how HealHub™ offers pharmaceutical companies the ability to streamline their closed loop marketing initiatives. Besides using HealHub™ to drive specific sales and marketing campaigns, the platform can also be used to determine competitive geographical areas for clinical trials, among other applications. With HealHub™, the possibilities to drive sales and operational efficiency are endless.

Learn more about HealHub™, a dynamic DataOps platform for the Health Care and Life Sciences industry.

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