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COVID19: What can Sagitec do to Support You?

It's during times like these that people need to band together and support our most vulnerable segments of the population. You, Sagitec's customers, provide some of the best financial support for those in need. We know you are working hard to ensure the services and benefits you offer are not disrupted. When you chose us as your partner, you became part of the Sagitec family and families support each other. We'd like to offer you a helping hand. What can we do to best support you? For one of our customers in the United States, we were able to provide IT infrastructure over the weekend to enable their people to work from home.

For other customers, we've been talking about quickly bringing up services like live chat, so members and participants have another communication venue, and contact representatives working from home can more easily serve them.

We believe that we can support you in other ways as well. We know a lot about your operations and how your business works. How can you use our knowledge and people as an extra pair of hands? There's no help too big or too small that we wouldn't be interested in providing you if it offers you a reprieve.

We want you to know that this isn't about increasing our invoicing or taking advantage of you in a time of need. We want to help you with anything that you need in any way we can.

Right now, the top priority should be serving your members and participants to the best of all of our abilities.

The question to you is: What can we do to support you?

If there's anything we can do to help, please reach out to your Account Executive. If you aren't sure who that is or are having any issues contacting the right support staff, please reach out to me directly, and I will ensure you get connected with the right people.

Stay healthy.

Steph Schrankler

Director, Customer Advocacy

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