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Your Retirees are Ready for the Future - Are You?

NPEA Sagitec 2013 Retiree Technology
Meet Mina, a 73 year old retiree, who recently started using a tablet device. Though she may not know how to sync her Facebook calendar to her calendar app (or even what that means!), she still understands that the ability to use a mobile device is a valuable (and attainable!) skill in the modern world. Check out what Mina has to say about her new tablet in the video below:

At Sagitec, we know it is our responsibility to provide our clients with solutions built for the modern world. We help our clients meet the demands of an evolving technological culture. We equip them with the tools to do so. Has your technology kept up with your member's expectations? 

Sagitec will be attending the National Pension Education Association's annual conference starting Sunday, November 3rd. We hope to see all the NPEA attendees at our vendor booth in Charleston. Remember to stop by our booth to discuss your organization's mobile needs!


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