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A dynamic DataOps platform for the health care and life sciences industry


Life Sciences firms have witnessed an explosion in available data sources. The chief catalyst for the proliferation of data within the health care and life sciences industry is the Internet of Things, specifically personal digital care devices. The wearable devices serve many purposes, from monitoring daily fitness activity to measuring glucose levels. For pharmaceutical companies, these devices are an efficient way of administering clinical trials.Instead of patients going to the hospital numerous times throughout the trial for health monitoring, patients can simply wear a digital device that captures all of the pertinent information.

Social media and other information available on the Internet is another data source that can improve operations if harnessed, analyzed, and acted upon. Physician ratings, clinical trials, patient reviews and social media focus groups offer information currently sought by life sciences organizations.

To capture and use this massive amount of data, life sciences companies need a platform that can combine and cleanse the various data streams for logical interpretation.

HealHub™ is a collaborative and flexible DataOps platform that unifies data analysts and operations teams. Unlike other analytics tools on the market, HealHub™ was designed specifically for the life sciences industry. Therefore, when data are ingested into the platform, the information is automatically cleaned and scrutinized according to protocols, standards and master data. Data analysts can then use pre-configured models, workloads and tools to optimize downstream operational processes. The true power of HealHub™, however, is realized when analysts use the tools to build their own models and workflows.

Many of the tools housed within the analytical library are powered by Sagitec’s data engine: Analyst Workbench, which uses R-Studio, but can accommodate other analytical tools like SAS or KNIME.  Users can model medication adherence or readmission rates using R-Studio, and have the models available for the Operations team on the Ops Workbench. Analysts can then validate the models by running comprehensive tests and scenarios.

Once the models are built and validated, the operations team can use integrated tools to design processes, marketing campaigns, reports and datasets according to model criteria. HealHub™ promotes collaboration between key business units through a continuous feedback loop: once the operational processes are implemented, HealHub™ sends data back to the data analysts for review. Based on the results, models and workloads can be revised and improved for optimal business outcomes.  In addition to sharing operational data with internal analysts, HealHub™ also integrates with external systems such as CRM, clinical data management and data warehouses.

HealHub™ has the power to turn life sciences companies into information-centric organizations. The tool can be used for unlimited data analytic functions that are only limited by an imagination to utilize it. Stay tuned for the next blog post that delves into some of the tangible ways HealHub™ exploits the power of data to make profit-generating processes. Also, see below for a graphical rendering of the HealHub™ platform.

Sagitec launches DataOps platform for the Health Care and Life Sciences industry

The functional features of the HealHub™ platform: HealHub™ captures data from three primary sources: Enterprise, Sensors and Social/Internet. Based on the data stream, a corresponding data switch formats, cleans and refines the information. Data wrangling tools then rely on resources within the Data Shop to integrate the information for easy consumption and analysis. (For instance, a HCP can be turned into an enriched physician profile with demographic, payment and rating information from multiple data sources). Once the data is sufficiently cleansed, data analysts use tools within the analytical workbench to build models and workloads. The operations team then uses the models for their marketing campaigns, reports and datasets. HealHub™ also integrates with external systems for a holistic and 360-view of DataOps.

Learn more about HealHub™, a dynamic DataOps platform for the Health Care and Life Sciences industry.

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