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How a mobile app can help pension agencies during the tax season

Sagitec Solutions' mobile app, MOBIAS, helps pension agencies communicate with their members during the tax season

The tax season is upon us and this time of year happens to be a busy time for pension agencies. In addition to compiling and sending out annual 1099-Rs, pension organizations must also increase their level of member communication and engagement to ensure their membership is updated with important tax information. Members are anxious to know when their annual 1099-R will be mailed out, what exemptions they may qualify for, or if they should update their tax withholding amounts.

To ensure their benefit recipients are informed, pension agencies are utilizing various methods of communication – from traditional to modern. In terms of the former, monthly newsletters and call center staff are common ways of apprising members about tax-related news. Increasingly, organizations are turning to modern strategies to reach their membership by posting information on their social media accounts. While this approach is very effective from a cost and member experience perspective, pension agencies can utilize other approaches to streamline annual tax processes.

A mobile app is an incredibly efficient way to communicate with members throughout the entire year, but especially during tax season. By exploiting the features of mobile phone technology, a mobile app is an improved version of a member web portal. An app allows pension organizations to send targeted mass phone and text messages directly to their membership. Depending on the nature of the message, members can download the respective document or send a message back to the organization directly from their phone. Rather than waiting for the organization to print and mail out the 1099-Rs, members can get a jump-start on their taxes – sometimes several weeks before the paper copy is sent to their residence.  A mobile app is also a great way for members to see how the annual IRS tax updates will affect their monthly benefit. By viewing their next payment statement, members can make the necessary changes to their tax withholdings in real-time to ensure the updates will be reflected on their next benefit payment. 

It’s apparent that the benefits of a mobile app are symbiotic, with both members and pension organizations standing to gain. Members are provided with a modern, self-service tool to view and update their tax data while also receiving instant tax-related alerts. For pension organizations, an app improves member experience and communication while streamlining organization efficiencies.  Consider joining the pension agencies that have added an app to their arsenal of member communication strategies.

To learn how Sagitec’s mobile app, MOBIAS™, can help you improve member communication and business processes, please contact Sagitec Solutions.

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