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How Sagitec's People, Processes, and Platform Scale to Meet Clients' Needs

Public organizations are expected to do more with less. Sagitec's unique efficiencies in staffing and software make it easier for these organizations to achieve their goals.

Changing dynamics in the market have unfolded a hiring environment never before seen. The 'Great Resignation' has impacted every sector of every industry. The number of workers quitting has exceeded pre-pandemic highs for eight consecutive months, with technology firms among the hardest hit. More than 76% of all software providers in the U.S. face critical gaps on their teams and struggle to find candidates to replace them. Simply put: companies struggle to find talent to staff projects and strategic initiatives.

Sagitec isn't immune to these challenges. But this does not stop us from driving your vision into action. Through our unique platform architecture, staged system enhancements, and empowered hiring practices, Sagitec can ensure that the right talent works on the right project at exactly the right time.

Here's how we do it.

Scalable Platform

Sagitec's solutions can scale to meet client needs because we separate core technology from business logic, allowing you to change your rules without impacting the lower technology layers. With Sagitec, gone are the days of ripping and replacing software. Many of our clients have been with us for over ten years, and our platform is one of the reasons many choose to stay. It is a cutting-edge platform that allows you to build complex systems with very little code (possible even with no-code) due to the drag and drop interfaces. Through these platform features, our clients benefit.

These features were key when we first built the platform for our solutions. Our software is designed to perform in a series of stacked architectural layers, loosely coupled services, and communication mechanisms that enable us to build extensible software rapidly. This is separate from the underlying architecture of the business itself, meaning that changes can be made to any client system without affecting the technical layer of the platform – and vice versa.

What this means for your organization is that our software architecture provides you with unmatched flexibility for adding new features, creating new functionality, and adapting to challenges when they arise. Best of all, it reduces your total cost of ownership. This is no small feat when the average enterprise software replacement project can range from 20-25% of the original implementation cost, with additional costs for maintenance.

This layered approach to software mitigates the risk of technical obsolescence. It also reduces the time our technical experts need to develop new solutions. This structure improves the quality of your customer service and your organization's bottom line.

Continuous System Enhancements

Sagitec strives to provide the best-in-class software solutions for our clients. We can only maintain this advanced level of service by constantly upgrading our software and meeting the challenges of tomorrow. We never stop pushing for innovation and unique solutions. We proactively seek our clients' input through our Customer Advocacy Program, including our Technical Advisory Board, to solicit feedback and develop upgrades and new features that drive the most value.

The value of our software updates is twofold: they help drive down the total cost of ownership and alleviate staffing pressures on technical teams. By having software that can scale with your organization, you can avoid the costs associated with "ripping and replacing" your enterprise software once every few years.

These periodic and planned updates enable strategic management of both our and our client's technical teams to provide quality service. These minor upgrades take less time to implement than total system replacement and implementation projects. It allows your organization to stay at the cutting edge of software development with as little interruption as possible.

To show how our software updates help with project staffing, we break them down into three different types of categories:

  • Major releases – updates that significantly alter base system components or processes. These upgrades require migration of existing files, regression testing, and user acceptance testing, depending on the magnitude of change. These releases occur approximately every 18-24 months.
  • Minor releases – these updates occur every quarter or so. It represents smaller but critical changes to help clients meet their needs. The system will never stop operating, and enhancements will be rolled out over time.
  • Emergency fixes – upgrades occur when hot-button or critical alerts such as security vulnerabilities are detected. These are performed infrequently and are on an ad-hoc basis. Our focus during these times is to ensure the safety and integrity of your data.

The benefit of tiered software architecture is that we can initiate several upgrades and updates to your software without interrupting your internal processes. When larger updates are required, these are done in stages around a timeline that works best for you. Throughout these upgrades and updates, our staff ensures that nothing gets broken or discontinued on your end. This is possible because of our staff's vast experience on these projects and different domains. This structure and process enable your organization to stave off technical obsolescence continually and significantly reduce the total cost of ownership.

Scalable Staff Support

Every organization experiences resource constraints. There are always projects to work on and seemingly too few people to assist. Sagitec is not immune to these challenges, but our staffing practices help us overcome them. We use central planning software to identify mission-critical points in projects quickly. Through this process, we can plan to have the right people working on the right project at the right time.

We have a global workforce that can provide around-the-clock service on client projects. When our North American personnel go offline, our specialists in India pick up where they left off. This rotational system of personnel helps us provide better service to clients as project details and information are shared among several personnel. Having one dedicated resource on the team is actually a deterrent due to the potential risk of high loss of project and system information. Sagitec has developed effective internal training programs, so no knowledge or efficiency is lost when we swap personnel on different projects.

In addition to strategic personnel management, we have also developed and continue to bring efficiencies in attracting, hiring, and managing subcontractor help. This practice is also common globally, with 40-50% of organizations using contractors to help meet project needs. Outsourcing work to verified contractors helps us overcome staffing shortcomings and meet critical deadlines. This support enables us to provide the level of support our clients always expect.

Resource constraints affect every organization, but Sagitec has mitigated its effects through platform management and strategic personnel planning. Our upgrades are minimally invasive, regular, and help stave off technical obsolesce by having a tiered software architecture. Plus, by managing updates and employing contractor labor when needed, we provide high-quality service and lower the cost of software ownership.

We know that tomorrow brings a never-ending set of challenges. The only way to face this obstacle is by choosing a strategic partner like Sagitec, which develops software to adapt to changes. Sagitec's commitment to your organization's success is evident through every decision we make. We work to make a difference and provide value for you from our platform to our people.

About Sagitec

Sagitec is a leading low-code/no-code application development platform provider for private and public sector organizations, specializing in serving customers focused on solving complex, business-rule-driven problems. Sagitec provides evolutionary enterprise-grade solutions for pension, labor and employment, health insurance, disability insurance, paid family medical leave, managed care providers, and other benefits providers that want to accelerate excellence by placing a platform at the center of their enterprise universe.

With deep industry experience in software implementation and systems integration, Sagitec is a partner that clients can trust to drive their vision into action. For more information, visit: www.sagitec.com.


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