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Sagitec Pension Software

Client Testimonials


"When we began the search process for a pension software vendor we were looking for a company who had successfully built and implemented a proven solution for a complex retirement system like PSRS/PEERS of Missouri. After conducting a thorough bid process it was easy to see why Sagitec had built such a strong reputation in the public pension arena over the last several years. Now that the project is fully underway, our staff is very excited about the progress made thus far, and we're looking forward to continuing our partnership with Sagitec throughout the project and beyond.”

Dearld Snider, Assistant Executive Director of Operations
Public School and Education Employee Retirement Systems of Missouri


 "We spent about two years researching the customer service issues as well as the solutions that are out there. We selected Sagitec because we believe they have the people and tools to implement our vision for a modernized VRS."

Robert P. Schultze, Director
Virginia Retirement System



"What is of vital importance to LAGERS is keeping this project on time and within budget while still meeting our business objectives.  I know this is not easy, but thanks to our first-rate team here—with my staff, Sagitec and Provaliant—the results to date have been excellent. I am looking forward to more of the same as we go forward.”

Bill Schwartz, Executive Secretary (Director)
Missouri Local Government Employees Retirement System


"We selected Sagitec based on their record of accomplishment in working with other public pension funds on very similar projects, and their competitive fee proposal."

Steve Hutt, Executive Director
Denver Employees Retirement Plan


"Four vendors submitted proposals for our solution and each was invited to demonstrate their products. Sagitec's Team was the most organized and professional and their product was the stronger tool with the most functionality. The fact that Sagitec provided an on-site project team was also a determining factor in selecting Sagitec as our solution provider."

"Sagitec's proposed training solution is great! The on-line training videos will enhance the Sagitec solution and be a great tool for both our staff and employers."

Joe Schaefer, IT Manager
Kansas City Public Schools Retirement System


"A major deciding factor in selecting Sagitec for our pension system upgrade project was their flexible and innovative approach. They are unique among the IT solution providers. They are implementing the system the way that we feel is right for us, rather than forcing us into something that just doesn't quite fit."

John Oliver, Chief Information Officer

Kansas Public Employees Retirement System