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Support Services

Complete System Lifecycle Management Services for Your System

Support Services Introduction

Sagitec offers a variety of maintenance and support options to suit any organization’s specific needs, vision, and technical competencies. We offer everything from basic framework upgrades to value-added services like application development outsourcing, infrastructure modifications, and other unique services tailored to your organization.


Our Strategy

  • Corrective

    We are committed to ensuring that your system is free of bugs and problems that hamper your ability to deliver exceptional customer service. Therefore, as part of our system maintenance strategy, we will make the necessary modification to correct discovered problems.

  • Adaptive

    We understand that the industries we serve exist in an environment that is constantly changing. That is why our system maintenance plan mitigates threats to obsolescence through modifications and updates.

  • Perfective

    Throughout the entire lifecycle of your line-of-business solution, we continually protect, extend and enhance your IT investments. These perfective modifications improve performance and maintainability while simultaneously keeping your total cost of ownership low.

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Seven Components for Comprehensive Support

Sagitec Framework License Support

  • Continued access to all future release of Sagitec Framework – includes all major and minor releases
  • Customer managed Framework upgrades
  • No-Touch Support - access to Sagitec Knowledge Center with development guidelines, release notes, tech tips, etc.
  • Minimum requirement for keeping your LOB solution current and for access to Sagitec Support

Sagitec Framework Deployment Support

  • Framework upgrades and deployment – Installation and Configuration Services
  • Sagitec-managed Framework upgrades
  • Includes deployment and testing of Sagitec Framework releases
  • Low touch support – Limited to deployment and testing of all major and minor Framework releases
  • No changes will occur to your line-of-business solution

Reactive Maintenance

  • Degree of support meant to "keep-the-lights-on”
  • Modifications to correct discovered problems
  • Modifications to keep system usable in a changed or changing environment

Proactive Maintenance

  • Beyond the traditional focus of corrective and adaptive maintenance
  • Proactive modifications to improve performance or maintainability
  • Proactive modifications to detect and correct latent faults in the software product before they become effective faults


Seven Components to Provide Comprehensive Support for Your System

Other (Tailored) Services as Needed

  • Post-project major initiatives/enhancements
  • Operations support
  • Peripheral solutions implementation e.g. Content and Knowledge Management systems
  • Organization readiness and transition
  • Business process analysis and redesign
  • Performance improvements
  • Testing and code quality assurance

Infrastructure Related Services

  • Fully hosted solutions
  • Applications, Exchange, emails, VOIP – Telephony, Cloud-based services, etc.
  • Disaster recovery / business continuity
  • Hot and cold sites
  • Operations support

Enable and Enhance Newer Features and Tools from the Sagitec Platform

  • User interface enhancements
  • Enhance application
  • New integrations
  • New technology enablement


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