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Change Management

Manage the “human component” of your system implementation

Change Management Introduction

Sagitec recognizes that cutting edge technology is only part of what makes a large-scale system implementation successful. To truly transform your organization for the better, a solution must be championed by its users. Sagitec’s change management services are designed to address this “human component” of your project by establishing a foundation of sponsors who approach transition with excitement and take full ownership of their new solution. Our services will guide you from your current business environment to the one you desire.


Why Change Management?

  • Lack of Staffing

    An organization may not have adequate staffing levels to operate daily business while the design and development process draws on their limited resources. Staff may lack the necessary depth and breadth of knowledge to participate effectively in system design sessions. Subject Matter Experts may not be prepared for the level of expectation, independent thought, and decision-making needed to create the best possible solution.

  • Limited Budget and Resources

    These will be severely stretched if the people component is not prepared and managed correctly. Resistance leads to delays and cost overruns.

  • Stakeholder Resistance

    Staff may wonder if there will be a place for them once the change is completed. Their fear of the unknown can sabotage the project from within. Staff turnover can lead to a “brain drain” as Subject Matter Experts leave the workload and anxiety behind for another organization not going through a transition.

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A Structured and Proven Approach

Proven Methodologies

  • Sagitec uses proven methodologies and data-driven research as a basis for all change management activities. Tools like William Bridges’ national bestseller, Managing Transition: Making the Most of Change, is one of our foundations.

Tailored and Flexible

  • We understand that your need for change management services will be dictated by a variety of factors. You may not be aware you need change management until your project has already started – or even concluded. Sagitec can implement our change management program at any time in a project lifecycle. We also configures every change management initiative to each client’s unique situation and challenges.

Needs Assessment Phase

  • During Needs Assessment, Sagitec partners with your project leadership to determine change readiness levels and analyze the potential impact of the pending change on individuals and the organization as a whole. Using the information gathered in this initial phase, plans are developed for mitigating problem areas.

Execution Phase

  • The activities and plans outlined during the Needs Assessment phase are carried out in the Execution phase, and typically involve one or more of the following key change management areas: system adoption, organization redesign, change management training and communication support.


Why Sagitec is a Cut Above the Rest

Domain Expertise

  • Our IT and change management teams have proven experience that has been earned on engagements within the industries we serve. These experiences provide us with a unique knowledge base that we leverage with every client.

Tailored Approach

  • We specifically tailor our change management process to complement Sagitec’s development methodology. This way we are able to closely integrate our change management, design and development teams to leverage clear communication, ensure knowledgeable buy-in to the project, and prepare your team to transition from current routines to improved processes supported by their solution. No other change management provider can claim such a deep relationship with Sagitec’s development teams.

Vertical and Horizontal Integration

  • Our tightly coupled teams are made up of project management and change management experts who enable us to offer vertical and horizontal integration between change management and project leadership.
    • Vertically, we plan and execute your tailored change management initiative from the project’s inception. We continue throughout the system design, development, and testing phases, and reinforce the plan to ensure successful adoption after system implementation.
    • Horizontally, we coordinate our efforts with Sagitec’s training team and on-site development team. In this manner, your change management initiative is specific to your business and consistent throughout the project.


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