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Training and Development

Bridge the gap from design-to-implementation through learning and knowledge sharing

Training and Development Introduction

Sagitec understands that a solution is only as effective as your ability to use it. To make the leap from designing a great application to leveraging that design, Sagitec offers robust training and development services for your staff and external stakeholders. Our services fill the knowledge gap between the old and the new, allowing users to hit the ground running on the first day after transition.


Our Approach

  • Explain-Demonstrate-Practice Methodology

    Our general approach to training uses an explain-demonstrate-practice methodology. We introduce learners to new concepts—the building blocks (i.e., foundation) of new knowledge. Next, through demonstrations, we reveal how those concepts were implemented within the system’s design. Finally, we give learners the opportunity to “touch and feel” the new system and to practice what they have learned. We turn users loose in a sandbox environment where they can explore, discover, make mistakes, and “go rogue” without repercussion. All these learning activities are strategically designed to increase user confidence and encourage buy-in for the new system.

  • Just-in-Time Training

    Whenever possible, we deliver training just-in-time to reduce the risk of learners losing knowledge and skills gained. This training tactic also increases retention rates by allowing learners to immediately apply what they have learned on the job.

  • Tailored and Responsive Training

    We plan and deliver training specific to you and your organization (rather than a pre-package that doesn’t fit your culture). We also collaborate with you to ensure the training plan and processes satisfy your requirements and expectations.

  • Supplemental Reference Material

    We understand that learning, change, and growth don’t happen all at once, therefore we provide supplemental reference materials and training manuals for your users’ future reference.

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Planning and Measuring

Needs Assessment

  • No two organizations are the same. It’s nearly impossible to determine root causes and impacts without assessing who your organization is, what your needs are, and what will best suit those needs. Sagitec’s training needs assessment provides a 360-degree review of where you are, where you want to go, and where the gaps are. This needs assessment is the primary input to your training plan and can also be used as an input for other important planning such as job role redesign, project risk mitigation, and communications planning. Our needs assessment approach is rooted in the Performance Improvement Model developed by the International Society of Performance Improvement (ISPI). The Performance Improvement/HPT Model is a diagnostic and strategic tool for improving workplace performance.

Training Assessment and Evaluation

  • Sagitec uses Kirkpatrick’s Four Levels of Evaluation to assess and evaluate the impacts and effectiveness of training and pivot based on those measurements. Kirkpatrick’s Four Levels of Evaluation is a best practice for those in the training and development industry. The four levels includes measuring student reaction, measurable behavior changes, job performance, and business results.


Types of Materials

Quick Start Guides

  • These are typically 1-page documents that act as a quick reference on the job. A QSG foregoes complicated details and focuses instead on the essential steps needed to process a specific job function. Quick Start Guides can be branded to your organization and distributed in print or electronically or both.

Step-by-Step Training Manuals

  • These manuals provide more thorough information about processing work in the system, including the pre-conditions and post-conditions of a given task, accompanying screenshots, field definitions, and specific design decisions. Like Quick Start Guides, Training Manuals can be branded to your organization and distributed in print or electronically or both.

Integrated Online Help

  • Online help is part of our Enterprise Knowledge Solution, Knowition, that is integrated with your line-of-business application. To the end user, the two systems are seamless. By clicking the Help button, users can find detailed content about the use of the system. The online help system is keyword searchable and includes a table of contents, index, and glossary. To learn more about Knowition, please click here.

Integrated Video Help

  • Online help can be further enhanced by integrating video help. Video help shows users a demonstration of a task or activity within the system. Video help is particularly useful for new users or users who are unfamiliar with a specific task or activity (such as infrequent processes). The video shows the user the steps and uses captions and call outs to help direct the user’s attention to the most important content. Additionally, videos can include narration to supplement the visual.

Newsletters and Communication

  • We know that frequent and early communication with your users helps them come into training ready to learn and increases the speed at which they absorb new information. Typically, users that are involved in designing your new software transition to using it the fastest. However, we also know that it is not feasible to include every staff member in design and testing. To help those who cannot be involved throughout the project, Sagitec provides news and information about the design to your organization and stakeholders. Frequently, this comes through newsletters and channels of communication that you are already using.

SCORM Packages

  • eLearning has become an integral tool in the trainer’s toolkit. There are several benefits to eLearning including user autonomy, better tracking and evaluations, and knowledge availability across time and space. Sagitec develops full eLearning courses in a SCORM package format to be uploaded into a Learning Management Software.


Hands-On Opportunities

Training Engagement Activities

  • Learners who are not mentally engaged are not learning. Throughout our training, Sagitec includes engagement activities that are designed to teach while entertaining. In the past, activities have included games like Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune or scavenger hunts and team activities.

Lab Exercises

  • The lab attempts to emulate a real-life environment as much as possible. Students are provided with case studies/word problems and directed to use the system to complete a task or activity to solve the problem. This is one of our most popular and effective activities.


Learning Management

Learning Management Software

  • Manually tracking and managing learning events can become a nightmare. Learning Management Software helps you register learners for eLearning, Instructor Led, and hybrid learning events; host learning events; track attendance; track assessments and evaluation; and provide on-demand learning for your users. Sagitec provides Learning Management Software that can be integrated with your line-of-business application.

Logistics Planning

  • If you don’t plan many training events, logistics planning can seem overwhelming. How many locations throughout the state should you provide training in? How do you find and book those locations? How do you advertise that training is available? How do you ensure people attend? And, what do you need to provide them with in order to ensure learning is successful? Sagitec can handle all of the planning and coordination details for you.

Project Management

  • Sagitec’s training coordination staff uses sound project management and project planning principles to manage training and development projects. We mirror the project management methodologies used by Sagitec’s general project management services.


Types of Instruction


  • Sagitec can develop eLearning courses or components within courses that include explanations, demonstrations, practice opportunities, user interaction, assessments, and evaluations.

Instructor-Led Learning

  • Sagitec’s trainers are experienced and educated in training facilitation.

Hybrid Instruction

  • You may choose a hybrid option that combines eLearning, webinars, and instructor-led training to best suit your needs.


  • Sagitec specializes in training members of your staff in the art of training and development so that you can deploy your own staff members as trainers, if necessary.


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