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Dynamic DataOps Platform for Health Care and Life Sciences

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HealHub™ is a DataOps platform for pharmaceutical and medical device companies that fosters real time collaboration between data analysts and the operations teams. It streamlines quality information from multiple sources for increased insight and revenue streams.


Data Ingestion Integration


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Automatic Data Cleansing


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Analytical Libraries


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Data-Driven Operations


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Data Ingestion

  • Compiles and Displays your Enterprise Data

    The HealHub™ platform captures, organizes and displays your Enterprise knowledge for endless analysis and integration with other key data sources. HealHub™ is extremely flexible and can accept all of your data, regardless of format. Here are just some of the data that can be housed on the HealHub™ Platform: HL7/FHIR, Claims, Lab, NCPDP, CRM and Master data like NDC, ICD.

  • Integrates with the Internet of Things

    HealHub™ captures data from personal health/medical devices. With HealHub™, data from those devices is seamlessly integrated into the platform for downstream analysis and operational processes.

  • Harnesses Social Media and External Content

    HealHub™ integrates data from PubMed, Clinicaltrials.gov, physician ratings, patient reviews and Facebook/Twitter with other key data channels to provide insight into new markets, patient journey trends and revenue streams.

  • Data Switches

    Data switches allow HealHub™ to import enterprise, sensor and social media data quickly and accurately. Based on the data being ingested, HealHub™ will turn on the corresponding data switch to ensure the correct information is imported.

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Automatic Data Cleansing

  • Automatic data cleansing

    Once the data is imported, HealHub™ runs automatic programs and scripts that purifies the data.

  • Dynamic Visualization

    The intuitive yet advanced user interface allows you to perform What-If Analysis through variable input using Tableau and D3.

  • Dimension Merging

    Merge different data to allow new groups and insights to emerge. By merging members’ medical and pharmacy data, for instance, HealHub™ generates composite groups with details from both data sets.

  • Drift Analyzer

    Visualize trends for longitudinal data and separate them to understand different patterns – seasonality, growth or decline.

  • Association Explorer

    Visualize correlations and find out related entities and attributes. Members with related attributes, like cost and utilization, can be grouped together to form new cohorts.

Analytical Libraries

  • Health Risk Score

    Calculate member scores based on health risk, utilization and cost. Stratify members into different persona groups for downstream operational processes.

  • Care Gap Analyzer

    Identify cost impact of unnecessary tests, missed screenings, and non-compliance to care pathways.

  • Co-morbidity Analyzer

    Identify common disease clusters using association rules, and visualize lift effects of one disease on another.

  • Adherence Tracker

    Track adherence to medication and therapy, and drill down into causes like copay, therapeutic class, etc.

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Data-Driven Operations

  • Personalized Marketing Content

    Create tailored marketing content for specific campaigns. HealHub™ tracks the campaign metrics for analytic insight, additional modeling and recommendations.

  • Comprehensive Reports

    Create focused reports on operational performance, social insights, therapy adherence by combining enterprise, social and sensor data.

  • Rosters

    Enrich HCP data with data integrated across sources to support better targeting. The marketing team can then use the roster in their campaign and sales efforts.

  • Integrate with External Systems

    HealHub™ shares data and operational information with your external systems such as CRM, Clinical Data Management and data warehouses.

HEALHUB™ Digital Healthcare Platform


Standard Healthcare Metadata

Medical Claims, Rx Claims, Lab order/results, Clinical Summary, Diagnostics, Visit/Encounter Summary

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Analytic Lego Blocks for Healthcare Modeling

Episodes of care, Disease cohorts, Provider/HCP Specialization, Waste/Abuse, Health behaviours, Cost & Utilization measure, Quality Metrics

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Discover and Publish Insights

Assemble or bundle the analytics lego blocks to develop powerful insights including potential cost of drug non-adherence, service variance across providers for procedures, cost & quality variations for cohorts

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Intuitive User Interface

Map analytics blocks associated with a given dataset and build insights

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Model Lifecycle Management

"Low-code" R scripting to develop, validate and publish models

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