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Your Window to Wellness

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HealConnect is an enterprise grade platform geared to engage patients efficiently and improve their overall health. The platform helps patients focus on “activities” that are under their control rather than clinical outcomes.

Healthcare providers see multiple benefits by using HealConnect:

  1. Roll out care programs in hours instead of months
  2. Single app for multiple conditions and programs
  3. Conversational user interface for improved engagement
  4. Personalized incentives for behavior change

HealConnect Platform


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Impact Patient Behavior


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Omni-Channel Engagement


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Care Program Delivery


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Patient Analytics


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HealConnect Enterprise Platform


    HealConnect is an enterprise platform that all players in the healthcare eco-system can effectively use. Health care providers traditionally regarded health behaviors as out of their sphere of influence and medical training. However, recent improvements in technology, advances in behavioral science, and shifts in health financing create exciting new possibilities to change this.

  • Leveraging The Healthcare Ecosystem

    Engaging patients outside the health system (hospitals or doctor’s office) is a primary mechanism to impact behavior changes. Utilizing the ecosystem of wearable technologies, patient engagement strategies, and provider feedback; payers, providers, hospitals, home health and care givers and patients can manage chronic diseases far more efficiently than the current approach of using episodic clinic visits.

  • Day in the Life

    The figure here shows a day in the life of Betsy Williams, a diabetes patient and how HealConnect engages the patient.

data trends.jpg

Impact Patient Behavior

  • Value-Based Care

    All care providers are looking to lower costs for patients, provide value based care, and bundled payment models to lower healthcare costs. HealConnect makes this possible by impacting patients.

  • Patient Engagement

    Care givers want to make sure they are connected with patients and can provide support or any other expertise. HealConnect makes this possible by providing multiple channels to keep in touch with patients and provide effective engagement programs to reduce hospital visits.

  • Benefit for Patients

    A patient with long term conditions, like diabetes or hypertension, makes about 50-60 health related decisions in a day – from taking medications, to an appropriate diet, to exercise or the quantum of sleep.  HealConnect is a tool that guides them through with this decision-making process through personalized alerts/reminders, device integration, and activity monitoring. Patients want to access their health information anytime, anywhere. They want better care and to stay in-touch to get their questions clarified quickly.

  • Easy Rollout

    Care givers can easily roll-out HealConnect to members and patients with customizable content for healthcare programs. Healthcare providers can also monitor and advise on multiple conditions unlike using other platforms that are able to focus only on one health condition.

Omni-Channel Engagement

  • Patient Engagement

    With HealConnect, one can build, manage and track patient engagement across various channels like web, mobile, and chats. This allows patients to easily access their health information on various platforms.

  • Personalized Connect and Mobility

    Personalize alerts, reminders, notifications, and chat features are available so patients can be aware of their health conditions and activities at any time. With mobility becoming ubiquitous, the HealConnect mobile app has the innate ability to become a part of patient’s everyday lives, wherever they might be.

  • Integration with other Devices

    HealConnect integrates with a number of devices like glucometers, pressure cuffs, scales, even on the mobile phones so activities like sleep, diet, exercise and medication can be tracked. Providers can even administer surveys through the HealConnect mobile app.

  • Get Answers with Chat

    HealConnect’s chat facility provides answers to any questions patients have. Powered by chatbots built on Microsoft's Cognitive Services, chats use natural language processing capabilities and can understand and learn answers to various health questions. The chatbot can provide clarification for generic health or personalized disease management questions. In case a response is not feasible or the patient is not satisfied with it, they always have the facility to chat with a care provider.

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Care Program Delivery

  • Complete Engagement Offering

    HealConnect enables personalization based on patients’ individual conditions and behaviors. Based on a patient’s comorbidity conditions, HealConnect programs can be customized or personalized according to individual conditions. Even behaviors can be tracked and assessed and care givers can keep in touch with patients if they don't adhere to medication schedules.

  • Personalized Incentives

    HealConnect reinforces positive behavior through personalized incentives. It provides a complete engagement offering and even provides ‘Next Best Action’ recommendation for patients that delays the need to contact a healthcare provider and reduce costs.

  • Flexibility at its Best

    HealConnect provides all tools necessary for patients to assess their health risks and manage their health independently. HealConnect uses an interactive user interface bringing data and dashboards to life. It also provides flexible configuration actions for health programs so care givers can easily edit programs or load data easily into configurable templates.  Setting up health programs has never been easier.

Patient Insights and Analytics

  • Leveraging Data

    Care givers and data drive patient engagement best. While physicians and care providers can’t force their patients to actively engage with their platforms and programs, they can definitely leverage data, information and tools on patient behaviors and usage to customize and personalize programs leading to higher engagement.

  • Behavior Analytics

    Adherence metrics around medication, activities, diet and other program parameters can be tracked and assessed. Health programs can be modified to make it more personal for patients which leads to greater trust in providers and care. These engaged patients tend to have better health outcomes.

  • Usage Analytics

    Deriving engagement metrics from parameters like intensity, frequency and duration of app usage is easy with HealConnect. Based on the usage, surveys can be conducted to find out where the gaps are and steps can be taken to fill these gaps.

  • Recommendations

    Based on patient behaviors and usage, HealConnect provides recommendations for the "Next Best Action". These create 1 to 1 personalized interactions and relationship between patients and their care providers.


HealConnect Patient Engagement Platform


HealConnect CRM

This screen shows the care management screen for the HealConnect CRM

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Patient Dashboards

HealConnect shows program activities and patient data

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Care Manager Dashboard

Provides reports for care management

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Disease Management

HealConnect makes management of multiple disease conditions easy

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Survey Response

Surveys can be administered and their adherence tracked

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Track Patient Activities

HealConnect allows care givers to track patient activities

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Client Testimonials

“Sagitec has demonstrated that it is embracing Microsoft’s cloud-first mindset to provide public sector agencies the tools they need to create and deliver transformational solutions.”

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Michael Donlin
VP, Microsoft

"A major deciding factor in selecting Sagitec was their flexible and innovative approach. They are unique among the IT solution providers. They are implementing the system the way that we feel is right for us, rather than forcing us into something that just doesn't quite fit.” 

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John Oliver

"Our business relationship with Sagitec continues to grow through the successful implementation of the Mobile App. The result, PERSLink Member Self Service (MSS) Mobile App, fortifies our relationship with our clients, establishing NDPERS as a pioneer in connecting with our community while on the go."

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Sharmain Dschaak

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