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WHITE PAPER: Solving Challenges Plaguing the Unemployment Insurance Industry

Read this white paper to know what challenges the unemployment insurance industry faces and how they can be solved.

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Changing Workforce

By 2020, 25 million baby boomers, who comprise more than 40 percent of the U.S. labor force, will exit the workforce.

Aging Technology

Many UI agencies are still running on legacy systems, which are difficult to upgrade and expensive to maintain.


We are excited about the new tax system and the early results we are seeing. This system gives employers more access to their accounts and is easy to navigate. It was a pleasure partnering with Sagitec in the implementation of this system that gives South Carolina businesses a state-of-the-art self-service portal in which to file their wage reports and contributions. The system will ensure South Carolina and its businesses stay in compliance with federal regulations.

Jaime Suber
DEW Assistant Executive Director – Head of the Unemployment Insurance Division

We were very fortunate to have the team onsite working together with us…That was a critical part of our success as partners.  They worked in our culture on a daily basis and became a part of us…These were the types of things Sagitec was willing to do for us.

Neil Adcox
Executive Project Sponsor – SUITS Project, South Carolina Department of Employment and Workforce 

The level of commitment and collaboration Sagitec demonstrated with ADP surpassed expectations. Sagitec’s willingness to partner with ADP and our industry has demonstrated itself with system design elements that we have requested in the past but have been unable to obtain from other system design implementations..

Wendy Seyfert
ADP Vice President

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